ACK! - My first bid on eBay!

Wow - I just made a bid on eBay for a ring, and now I really hope I get it. :slight_smile:

I had no idea how much to bid, so I just put in what I figured was a decent price.

I’m sooo excited - I wonder if I’ll get it…

Oh-oh. Possibly on the road to ebay addiction! Good luck!


Thoughts from a (not really) recovering ebay’r -

Unless you are the only person in the friggin’ world who wants it, you are likely to be outbid.


simple - there is someone, somewhere, who will look at the item and decide that "If it is worth $10 to alice, it’s worth $11 to me.

If you want to see just how much you can pay for the item, match her/his bid (then he/she will match yours, and off you go!).

Competitive items are bought in the last 20 seconds of an auction - it’s called sniping…

(I have beat other bidders by 2 seconds - yes, I am a tad too competitive, but it makes life fun :slight_smile: )

I thought about that happyheathen.

However, at this point there’s only ONE bid, and it’s mine. This particular dealer seems to have a lot of product that is very similar. Hopefully others will stick with other items in the inventory.

::hope, hope::

Watch their feedback. Under their name should be a link to read their feedback.

Congrats, you’re no longer an ebay bidding virgin.


I’ve noticed on a lot of auctions, interested parties will wait until the auction is nearly over before placing their bids.

It really depends on the item. I’ve lost some due to sniping, and I am guilty of sniping some, myself, but, I have bid on auctions where I ended up winning with the initial bid amount. I won one auction, a couple of weeks ago, where I put in the starting bid in, as the highest I would go, while there was still 3 or 4 days left on the auction, and I won it. Just goes to show you that you never know.

Welcome to the wonderful world of evilBay™ - that’s what my friends and I call it, due to it’s addictive qualities. :wink:


My ebay success bidding was “winning” some obscure booklets for 1 cent. Shipping & handling was $3, so it was still a good deal to me.

::sigh:: I remember when i lost my ebay virginity. She was a bobbing head chihuahua and i was just a young boy. I think i paid like $11 for it total. No one else even bothered to bid on it. I guess some people just can’t recognize a good deal when they see one…

I made my first dutch auction bid yesterday. I couldn’t figure it out, it says 6 days left but
closed recently. Those things are weird.
Said bidding is $1, but I would have to bid $1.25, so I did, but I won it at 1.00, it was a lot of 50 silk marijuana plants. Way cool! I have no idea what Im going to do with it now. Yikes. It's 1753417152, but I know them, they have them for sale on their own website but its much more .
I hope it comes in a plain brown paper package, not one that says “Handle with Care, Marijuana”
on it. lol