Action Man/GI Joe

This is too M&P for GQ.

In the US, little boys play with GI Joe. In the UK, they have Action Man. Do they have Action Man in Australia as well, or do they have yet another action figure?

Kanga the Roo

Oh come on. Even if no one can answer my question, someone should be able to give a better comeback than that! (No offense, Chief.)

Actually, this gives me an idea for one of those Foster’s commercials (too late, since they don’t seem to be on the air any more). Shot of a little kid holding part of a tree branch, about 12" long. He’s marching it up and down, making machine-gun sounds, then growls, “Eat lead, you limey bastard!” Announcer’s voice: “Action figure”.

yeah we have action man in oz…he’s buff…:slight_smile:

We have Action Man in Canada too.

And GI Joe, although he’s kinda passe.

Thank you, flikker. Carry on.