Active Shooter Drill Fail

**“The 88th Air Base Wing at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio held an active shooter drill at the same time the 88th Medical Group was holding a separate mass casualty drill, but neither event was being coordinated with the other.”
**“In the middle of the two exercises, an injured jogger arrived in the ER, screaming and crying, just as role-players pretending to be shooting victims began to arrive for the mass casualty drill.”

(Time passes)
“One airman was injured by “some metal particulate that came after the round was fired,” said Sherman, who did not elaborate further.
Sherman also refused to say if any people were behind the locked door when the airman opened fire. He referred questions about the shooting to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.”

This is rather perplexing to me, especially because I work on a US military site and in my experience rear-echelon military people near-universally LOVE to send mass emails to everyone on base; you wouldn’t believe the avalanche of mundane emails I get all day long, a dozen or two at a time, about stuff that only applies to like 3 of the people who received it.

Yeah, but do people READ them?

Especially since the standard E-mail program in the DoD (Outlook) makes it very easy to “accidentally” flag all-hand emails as spam.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I do. At the very least I read every subject line, as I check and archive all emails as they come in; I get a LOT of email, some of it very important, so I have to be sure to check each one.

SNAFU? Sgt. Highway would have called it a clusterfuck.

Don’t forget the people who “Reply All” to tell everyone NOT to reply all!