Actors/Actresses that you SHOULD find repellant, but are oddly attracted to.

What actors/actresses that should gross you right out, but you’re oddly into.

I don’t want lame answers like ‘Brad Pitt’ had a stupid beard for a while!’ or ‘Christina Hendricks’ is chunky!’ I want people who are really nasty - like Tara Reid wonk boob, or Steve ‘Can my teeth point in any more directions at the same time??’ Buscemi.

I’ll go first.

I find Jason Mewes REALLY appealing. Dude is a junky. Every character he’s ever played has been…nasty. He’s a train wreck all round.

And yet, I was disappointed when I found out he was married. (Because he and I were going to run away together when he was single, obviously. :rolleyes:)

Ok, now you!

Vinnie Jones. Former soccer player turned actor has such perfect timing in Snatch, Gone in 60 Seconds (remake) and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrells that my tail wags when I hear he’ll make an appearance in any crime-thriller.

Chris O’Dowd, cast as the awkward nice guy in Bridesmaids, and the hilarious guestin Dinner for Schmucks. Found him so charming and appealing in Bridesmaids that I despised Whigg’s character for taking him for granted. Hated the movie, actually, because he was such a convincing sweetie that everyone else looked like shallow, self-absorbed twats.

Christopher Walken (last 10 years, never noticed him when he was young and beautiful). Love his quirky cockiness, and that face and staccato speech just gets me.

Seth Greene. Shorter guys are generally rude or unconcerned with the very tall me, but Seth is so subversive and hilarious that I’ll watch anything he is involved in.

Newest girl-crush is on Melissa McCarthy, who I loved in Bridesmaids (hated hated hated this movie) and I’m profoundly disappointed she is stuck with mediocre characters in Mike and Molly.

It appears that I am attracted to hilarious people of asymetrical proportion. Let’s not tell my pretty SO about my inclinations.

Lindsay Lohan.

Seconded. Train wreck, but my god what unearthly beauty:

I still find Mel Gibson pretty attractive for a man his age. And I suppose I should find Charlie Sheen pretty darned socially unacceptable but his gaunt, smack head look of late aside, I think he’s pretty handsome.

Do comedians count?

If so, Ron White. He is old, fat, smokes, and undoubtedly drinks too much. All turnoffs for me. And yet, so, so sexy for some reason.

Rose McGowan is getting boned by Marilyn Manson, but she’s still totally hot.

I’m proud to be in the I Love Courtney Love club.

More to follow,

Helena Bonham Carter. Not considered classically beautiful, but good God is she sexy.

Vinnie Jones

Jason Statham

Both of them are utter thugs, but o mai do I get wobbly when I hear they’ll be in a film. And Mean Machine, with the both of them? OGOD SPLOOSH

And Charlie Sheen. Tiger blood crackhead, I love him.

In what way is anyone supposed to find Helena Bonham Carter repellent?

That’s what I was about to ask. Some of the characters she’s played, sure, but herself?

Say what you will about them, but I’d still do the Olsen twins, together or separately.

Is this a zombie from around 10 years ago? That’s about how long it’s been since that was true. And yes, she’s still totally hot.

Sorry, I just skimmed the OP (and apparently the thread title) and was going more for the “actresses you wouldn’t call attractive in the general sense of the word but you would still do” line of thinking. Having said that though, I do think I was, in retrospect, referring to her characters… Mrs. Lovett, whoever she played in Novocaine, etc. Those characters could arguably be called repellent, yet I still find them (and thus, her) extremely attractive.

Hell, she was crazy hot in the Harry Potter films. Evil yes, but you know the sex would be intense.

By the train wreck token, Britney Spears.

Jenny McCarthy is a harmful idiot, but I’d still do her.

[quote=“Invisible_Chimp, post:17, topic:585593”]

By the train wreck token, Britney Spears.


I know, right??? How do they do that? What’s up with the equation that determines seductive does not equal conventionally symmetrically beautiful or sane?

Exhibit G: Daisy Lowe. In print ads, there are surely those who would decry her ordinary proportions, questionable parentage, and perpetually messy hair. But have those seen her yummy NSFW UK esquire…folly? Link broken by adding space between forward slashes. Deservedly: http:/ /

maria shriver, tara reid, and and barbara walters in a vat of tapioca pudding

Geoffrey Rush.

Pock-marked, craggly, gangly, with his receding hairline and bulbous nose. But - damn - there is something magnetic about him.