Which actor(s) who are generally considered very attractive to you consider to be unattractive?

I suppose this can apply to most any celebrity or celebrities and not just actors. But I didn’t have room in the title to write “celebrity or celebrities” instead of just “actors”.

My outstanding choice is Selma Hayek. I just cannot understand how so many people consider her to be so attractive (or sexy or hot or many other adjectives). I find her to be quite unattractive - maybe even ugly.

I don’t think it’s an ethnic consideration. After all, I consider Penelope Cruz to be extremely beautiful. But I just don’t get what people see in Selma.

In my opinion, it’s about her face. I just don’t think she has a very attractive face and I don’t understand why she has been cast in so many movies that call for a beautiful or sexy woman.

I would ask, “Do you have any similar opinions about other actors or celebs”?

There are two things I see in Salma.

As to your question…it’s not a matter of opinion, Russell Crowe looks like someone’s plumber. That’s not to say he isn’t charismatic or that he CANNOT look good, but IRL, on an average day and I’ll bet he looks completely average.

Also Chris Pine has very bad skin.

Jackie Kennedy. I’m not saying she’s unattractive and maybe she was better in person. But I sure don’t think she was a great beauty of her time. Yet, apparently, she was. I don’t know, maybe it’s the styles of the times and she would look good in today’s styles.

Loni Anderson. To me she always looked like a female impersonator! I think it was because she just looked so fake with that bottle blonde hair and tons of makeup.

Jon Hamm just looks like an ordinary guy. Not a dreamboat. All right though he is the bestlooking guy in the cast of Mad Men.

Vin Diesel. Looks like a thug. In fact looks like he smells bad. Scary.

Now I wouldn’t call any of these people downright ugly. but I am an artist and when I drew people I realized that hardly anybody is really downright ugly and most people are in fact kinda beautiful.

But…Duston Hoffman? Did anybody ever think he was cute even when he was young? Also he made a really ugly woman. (I forget the name of the movie. Good movie but how could anybody believe a guy would fall for that?)

Jessica Biel. She’s obviously not unattractive but by the standards of Hollywood actresses, I don’t see anything special about her. So I’m surprised when I see those “Hotness” rankings in places like AskMen, Maxim, and People ranking her so high.

Brad Pitt when he grew the beard. I have nothing against facial hair, I think Johnny Depp looks fabulous with it, but Brad Pitt just looks like a dirty hobo.

My husband says Julia Roberts. He thinks her mouth is too big. Personally I think she is beautiful, but to each his own I guess.

Selma? Really?
Anyway, Hillary swank , Kirsten Dunst, I agree with the giant maw on Julia Roberts, Helen Hunt. That’s all I can think of right now, I’m going to go watch From Dusk Till Dawn now.

I think Matthew McConaughey is incredibly ugly. He also gives off a very creepy vibe, in my opinion.

I’ve always thought of Cameron Diaz as the poster child for this.

Do a Google image search. Some images; goddess. Other images; raddled crack-whore.

The one everyone gapes at me about is Angelina Jolie. Everyone else sees an amazing beauty - I see Jon Voight in drag.

Huh, de gustibus. I’m exactly the opposite. I see nothing to attract me in Cruz (it’s the ducklips, actually) whereas I think Hayek is very attractive.

Did you ever see Find Me Guilty (2006)?

I wouldn’t say he is particularly attractive. But once I saw that movie, I never again saw him as unattractive.

If you would like to see Vin Diesel in a very different role and a sympathetic light, I would recommend you see that movie. It drastically changed my opinion of him and it was a very enjoyable movie. I hope you will take a look at it. If you do, I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy it.

Portia de Rossi. She is quite odd looking indeed. Very funny actress, though.

I also don’t see what the big deal is about Christina Hendricks, though I certainly wouldn’t call her unattractive.

She has a face?:confused:

Mila Kunis. She’s a decent actress, and she’s certainly not ugly, but I’m always surprised when people extol her beauty. To me, she’s exceedingly average looking - I pass a dozen women who look just like her on the street every day.

Dare I say it? All black actors, except maybe Sydney Poitier. Of the white brand, I can understand why people used to be gaga with Gable, Marvin, Holden, Grant, Bronson and Bogart. I can’t understand their reaction to the likes of Beatty, Fonda, Gen. Stewart, Selleck, Majors. Well, Majors had Farrah then.

Women? Oh yes, that’s what I’m supposed to discuss. I’m not attracted to any black or mullata, to be honest. Never understood the hype behind Halle Berry and Beyonce. Latinas yes but only those with dominant European features. Icy nordic and Irish blondes I find attractive but can’t see myself hooking up with them. My favorite blondes are Carol Lynley, Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers. Taylor Swift is presently in a poor playing field.

I like soft, liquid facial features in white girls. Think Moira Kelly, Liz Taylor, Shiri Applby, and Angelina.

How about you don’t.

Salma Hayek. I’m just not into the man jaw thing.

Two big deals.

So true!


You can buy a blow-up doll with the same two big deals. But, what’s the point?