Actors/Actresses that you SHOULD find repellant, but are oddly attracted to.

I am in love with him. I would gladly lick his weird little fangs. Don’t ask me to explain, I don’t get it either. :o

Kim Kardashian.
She is an awful, shallow, immature, self-entitled twat who represents everything that is wrong with America. Yet whenever I see photos of her (or sometimes video with the sound off), I just can’t keep my brain from imagining doing … certain things … to her.

Sean Penn.

Yeah I know, He’s an asshole. But he is oddly attractive to me.

Another vote for Courtney Love here. She was actually quite beautiful in the late 90s.

Sean Young sounds pretty messed up as a person, but Rachael in Blade Runner is simply yummy.

That would be the Barney Stinson (Hot,Crazy) Scale. The line you’re looking for the Vicky Mendoza line.

I’m not normally attracted to senior citizens, but I sure wouldn’t kick **Sophia Loren **(76) or **Helen Mirren **(65) out of bed for eating crackers. Or **Ann Margaret **(70) for that matter.

Mewes is totally cleaned up and on the straight and narrow these days. He’s really put his life back together. He does a podcast w/ Kevin Smith called “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.”

If you like him, be sure to see Zack & Miri Make a Porno. You’ll enjoy the final scene of the film.

I’ve seen it about 50 times!! The last scene is hilarious but dude does not look good with his wang flopping around and I STILL find him totally hot!

I do know that he’s currently doing well with the drug situation; however, he’s been here before so I guess it’s a bit of a wait and see thing.

TWEET! Flag on the play!!

Nice try - Kim Kardashian is possibly one of the best looking women in the world today - it takes a lot more than a gross personality to be included in this game!

Try again. :slight_smile:

Okay, you’re the boss. Though I truly believe I SHOULD find her repellant based on her personality, I see your point.

Retracted. New entry may follow.

Exactly. This thread is not, “Unearthly beautiful and talented people who have a couple of flaws that you in your perfection would condescend to overlook”.

I think heterosexual men just cannot do this. We like the visuals.

I was once reading a list of the top 100 ugliest celebrities (which I thought was a bit overly mean spirited, but that’s a rant for another day), and Robert Patrick showed up somewhere in the forties. Jesus! Really? I couldn’t believe it - I watched seasons 8 and 9 of The X Files for that man!

Ilena Douglas

First celebrity I thought of when I read the title. Idiotic, ignorant, and yet… scorching. Saw her on an episode of “Two and a Half Men” and was shocked that she’s 38 and looks like that.

You seriously think so? I look at her, and I see the result of the best work of dozens of make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion consultants, personal trainers, etc…and the end result is only slightly better than “Hottest Woman at the Local PTA Meeting”. Google search for a bunch of images of her, and you’ll see she does the exact same thing that many other not-particularly-beautiful-but-wealthy women do…tilts her head down and to one side to emphasize her best features and underemphasis her worst. Virtually all straight on shots are unflattering.

Seriously, I live in Chicago, and I can walk around downtown and see dozens, if not hundreds, of more attractive women any day of the week. If you spent the same amount of money optimizing their looks as has been spent on Kim Kardashian, any of them would totally make you forget her.

Or Blythe Danner. Oh God, Blythe Danner - the things I’ve done to that woman in my mind. Her daughter doesn’t do a thing for me.

Or Anne Archer (63). Still lookin’ good!

Meh - here she is totally sunburnt, no makeup, skank hair and she’s still better looking than 95% of the women out there.

Don’t get me wrong - her personality is repellant, but it’s a pretty big stretch to suggest that she’s anything other than classically beautiful. She may not be your personal cup of tea, but she’s very good looking.