Actors with ready-made Star Wars names

Jared Leto
Uma Thurman
Brad Renfro

{You`d think I had something better to do on Saturday night}

How does a name qualify as Star Wars-ish?

Anyway, my picks -

Seth Green
Alan Alda
Oded Fehr
Christian Bale
Hank Azaria
Marlon Brando
Vin Diesel
Omar Epps
Joaquin Phoenix
Sigourney Weaver

No scrap the last one. She sounds like someone out of Middle Earth.

Thora Birch
Mena Suvari
Fairuza Balk

lol i was gonna add fairuza balk. How bout River Phoenix?
Sal Mineo
Jurge Pronchnow
Celine Dion

Bronson Pinchot
Yaphet Kotto
Theda Bara
Dirk Bogarde (although he also sounds like a B-movie faux-film noir detective)
Calista Flockhart

Actually, Alan Alda sounds like the name of a star system.

Eliza Dushku
Mila Kunis

Dwight Yoakum

Nana Visitor
Cirroc Lofton

Keanu Reeves

ooohhh yapphet kotto gets my vote so far. what was he/she in? Ive seen that name around.

Carrie-Anne Moss (it’s the hyphenization thing there…)
Ryder Strong
Cary Elwes
Adrea Parker
Famke Janssen
Deborah Duchêne

Stellan Skarsgaard
Meryl Streep

He was the lieutenant on Homicide. Also the villain in Live and Let Die.

And the black guy in Alien.

Thom York
Sophie Marceau
Benicio del Toro

and my personal favorite:
Bruce Boxlitner

I’ve been working on this SW fan fiction piece, and one of the characters is a human lawyer named Varujan Kojian (the conductor for the Utah Symphony Orchestra, according to a SW CD I have).

Arnold Vosloo
Tcheky Karyo


Hugh Jackman (the guy who played Wolverine in the X-Men movie). It’d be even better if he parsed his name “Huge Jackman

I dunno exactly what qualifies a name as being ready-made for Star Wars, but Id go with all your picks: just that slightly cheesy, made-up, SF ring to them. Marlon Brando is great, though I see him more as a planet than a character: "Thats no moon - it`s Marlon Brando!"
Dolph Lundgren and Viggo Mortenson I see as being from a planet populated solely by chiselled, Aryan, Men-Of-The-SS-Calendar beefcake.

Crispin Glover.