Ad Blocker Turned Off- How?

I had pop ups suddenly appearing and noticed the Ad Blocker icon was gone. I went into settings and reloaded it but how did it get turned off on the first place? I know I didn’t do it.

Which ad-blocker are you using?

Which ad-blocker are you using? You should check the ad blocker’s whitelist.

I’m using Ad Block , FWIW.

My first guess is that your browser updated to a version that was incompatible with the ad blocker. I’ve had that happen recently when Firefox changed its plugin API. I had to update to a newer version of NoScript as a result.

I’m running Chrome version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build), and AdBlock Plus version 3.2. AdBlock has been crashing about every other day for the past 2 months. Sometimes I see the message that it’s crashed and I’m told to ‘click here to reload’. Other times I don’t see that message but notice that it’s gone, whereupon I’ve reloaded it manually.

I perused some user forums on the AdBlock site; seems as though this is a rather common problem. Some have suggested to create a new profile within Chrome; I did that when I first noticed the problem and it didn’t seem to help at all. So I guess I’ll just live with it until either AdBlock or Chrome offers an update until the problem is fixed.

Or you just choose a different ad blocking extension. My kids were hot on me getting ublock origin.

Have you tried removing the plug-in and reinstalling it? Do you have other plug-ins installed? Maybe those are causing conflicts with Ad-Blocker Plus.