"Please disable your ad blocker" Okay, HOW?

Sites that give me this message tell me to go the icon on my top right menu bar and click on the ad blocker icon; except I don’t have one. In the spot where an ad blocker icon should be I have “Avira Browser Safety”. This apparently has nothing to do with blocking ads; it certainly doesn’t show up on any of the drop-down ad blocker selections the sites present me with. I’d be happy to temporarilly disable ad blocking to read an occasional site; but how?

If you’re not using something like AdBlockPro or uBlockOrigin or a pi hole, it’s probably just something built into your browser. What browser are you using?

And it can also make a difference if you’re using a mobile (iOS or Android) device vs a desktop solution. Just to add to the complications.

Seems to match with what you linked, so it would be a chrome extension based blocker, you’d follow the steps there to set a site to allowed I presume, but want to confirm this is what you see first!

My browser is Google Chrome on a desktop. The icon that shows is:

When I left-click that I get a window that says:

The menu selections I’m offered when I right-click that are:

Avira Browser Safety
This can read and change site data ►
Remove from Chrome
Manage extension
View web permissions

And nowhere in all that do I see anything whatsoever about ads, either allowing or disallowing them.

Okay, so it looks like you do have the extension I mentioned.

Is their main website as far as I can tell. An extension (just FYI) is a piece of software that works to provide additional features for your browser. This one advertises add blocking and protection from malicious websites.

It is unclear if yours is a free version, a paid version, or part of a suite of features from the developer, that I can’t answer for you.

First, I’d try doing what it says on the tin. Click the reload Icon (the circling arrow) or hit F5 (same effect). That should let changes you’ve selected take effect. Otherwise, you may need to tinker with the extension directly.

In the upper right of your browser screen, click on the three stacked dots. In the menu hover over extensions, then click on the sub menu to manage extension. Should pull all the ones you have, select Avira, and it should let you make sure what is and is not enabled.