AD&D 2nd Ed Reprint

I was at Game Daze the other day and was shocked. Wizards is reprinting the 2nd Ed AD&D Player’s Handbook, DM Guide, and Monster Manual (no splat books that I saw). Something about the Gary Gygax foundation or fund or something.

I didn’t pick any up because I couldn’t really afford it, but I think it’s pretty cool. As obtuse as 2nd Ed AD&D can be, I do have a bit of a nostalgia for it (exacerbated by me being a kid when I touched 2nd Ed). Is this the first time Wizards has reprinted a previous edition?

It’s 1st Edition, actually. It’s neat and all, but it’s not really that significant; used copies of the original books in good condition are easy to find for cheap.

Not the first time. They printed tiny, tiny versions of several 1st edition books during the 3e era. They were about 3"x4" or so. I had Oriental Adventures, but recently sold it for a pretty penny on ebay.