what to do with a bunch of AD&D books and other stuff?

I have a full set of original AD&D books, the big hard backs (2 copies of the players hand book !!!) some dice and some other stuff, I am more than willing to donate to charity or to the charity of anyone who is interested for that matter. the set does include the monster manual, unearthed arcana, fiend folio, players hand books, dungeon masters guide and some other assorted stuff.
I dont want to just toss it or give it to some place that will just toss it if there is anyone with a need or want.

Nice of you to think of donating, but you oughtta check eBay first…


The powers that be here have been good about allowing me to use the boards as a meeting place for people who want to trade minor league baseball gear for my old books.

You never know who’s interested in what you’ve got until you ask.

I sent you a PM on this.

How about one of those epic beach bonfires?

Burning Dungeons and Dragons books is sooooooo 1982.

All the cool fundies are protesting them gays who want to marry.

Also PMed.

sorry for letting this thread sit for so long, I got super distracted and have been busy at work, I flat out forgot it was still open.

I did already give the books (well promised them) to someone but strangely I have a line on another mostly full set and will see about hooking up the other 2 pm’s with some of those.

There’s a shop in Portsmouth that used to have stocks of 1st Edition AD+D (etc).
I’m going down there in a couple of weeks and will be popping in.
If anyone’s interested in making an order, e-mail me…

With a few exceptions AD&D books don’t go for much (first printing of Deities and Demigods with the Cthulhu Mythos, for example). I purchased a set of those core first edition books a few years ago at less than $2 each. There’s a lot of copies around, many in good shape, and with later editions out there not much demand for them.