Adam Ant broke my heart (celebrities hypocrisy)

Ok, so maybe he didn’t break my heart, but he made me a bit sad!

I was watching the making-of video produced for the recent song-modification ‘Save the Gorilla’ (‘Stand and Deliver’ with altered lyrics, produced for the Dianne Fossey gorilla-saving project click on ‘Adam Ant - Save the Gorilla’ to view). As Adam sings the song he’s puffing on a cigarello.

‘So what’ you might say? ‘Lots of people smoke’ you might also say. ‘This guy pulled a gun in a nightclub’, you will point out, in that tone of voice you have. But…

This is the guy who sang ‘Goody Two Shoes’.
The chorus:
‘You don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?
Subtle innuendo follows,
there must be something inside’
(possibly a reference to Adam’s sexual antics).

I know, it’s not my place to judge, and people change over the years, and yes, pulling a gun is much worse than smoking (hell, even owning a gun is pretty bad in my book, but the farmers in my family have guns, so I can’t be too upset. Although, said farmers don’t spend very much time in L.A. nightclubs).

I can’t say why this upsets me, but it does (the cigarello and the gun). I know, smokers are people too, they laugh and love and cry and smile -but I don’t like smoking, never have, I don’t understand it and I always feel sad when I find someone I care about smokes -in this case, I’m fully aware this is a celebrity and I can only really care so much, but still-. And I know Adam spent time in a mental health insitute dealing with the depression that led up to the gun-pulling, I feel sympathy for that, when someone’s sick and they seek help it’s commendable. But the smoking…

Is it fair that I’m upset over one of my straightedge heroes has falling by the wayside? (I know Adam technically predates the straightedge scene, but he WAS punk and he never succumbed to the excesses that surrounded him in late 1970’s London).

So, what celebs have made you feel this sort of… betrayal is too strong a word, this acting against public persona?

Am I being coherent?

eep… that thread title should be ‘…celebrity hypocrisy’. And here I read and re-read to make sure I was saying what I meant to say…


I’m not sure, and I’m not looking it up at this hour either, but wasn’t there a scene of him smoking in the “Prince Charming” video?

  • jackelope, who shares both a birthday and a first name with Mr. Ant.

I’m not sure, but Prince Charming was a good year and a bit before Goody Two Shoes. From what I’ve read I don’t think he’d have stopped smoking and then written the song, but I could be wrong. And now that you mention it, I’m thinking maybe the Antrap video featured some smoking…

Oh, and happy birthday Jackalope in a month and two days (if my memory serves me)! Is the shared first name his given or assumed?

-who shares his birthday with the release of Stand and Deliver!

ok, less distresss now. Read through a recent interview with the man and he explains, (why he stopped drinking) "I got sh*tfaced on New Year’s Eve in 1978 with Kenny Morris out of Siouxsie And The Banshees… My dad had a problem, his dad did… and my friend was horrified. I decided there and then to give it up. “But finally on my birthday (47th), I had another drink. Why? My daughter Lily made me realise I should loosen up, live a bit.” (that quote’s not too long is it?).

the quote comes from:

I’m less odded out now. Makes kind’ve sense.

hey, I keep posting in my own thread. Woe is e-me!

Given Adam’s recent difficulties, the odd puff on a smoke is currently the least of his worries.

But dear God “Save the Gorillas” is crap.

No shit, Adam.

I never had the impression that he was singing about himself in “Goody Goody Two Shoes.” I always thought it was about him (the narrator, not necessarily the singer) trying to goad someone else into a sexual encounter of some sort.

Hey, I’m against celeb hypocrisy as much as anyone, but… Well, he never promised me he wouldn’t smoke. Back when that song hit the airwaves, I smoked like a chimney!

He’s not a King, either, and I can’t find the Wild Frontier on a map. Fool me once, shame on you …

Geez, it’s just a cigarette, not heroin.

You seem disturbingly Purtanical.
You find it sad that Adam Ant owns a gun and smokes?
Gosh, if he drove an SUV I guess you’d have to take out a hit on him… :rolleyes:

Thanks; I’ll be 32. And it’s his assumed.