Adam Lambert on AMA's - this was controversial?

Adam Lambert on the 2009 American Music Awards
Apparently this performance was sooooo dirty that it caused Good Morning America to cancel his performance on their show.
Interesting. Too much crotch-face action, apparently. I dunno - a sexy guy, singing a sexy song, with a bunch of sexy dancers dancing sexily - what else did they expect?

In my opinion, the real travesty here was that song and the never-ending screeching Adam did.

I only know about this because I like to check out the trending topics on Twitter sometimes. This crap is all over. Lots of people on there are claiming homophobia on the part of ABC/Good Morning America because they are convinced the performance was only controversial because some of it was guy on guy sexy stuff.

I gave the video a bit of a chance but ugh I HATE that type of music (American Idol pop stuff), but it looked like Lambert pulled the back of a guy’s head into his crotch? Or is the “simulated oral sex” part later in the video?

I think the real travesty is Lambert’s hair. He looks like a porcupine.

I didn’t see it but if he was grinding some dude’s face in his crotch region, as it states in the paper, well then, what the hell else did he expect?Personally, I couldn’t care less but if he thinks that kind of thing is going to be well received by this uptight nation he hasn’t learned much.

The thing that kind of irks me is that Lambert said it wasn’t planned. Oh really? 'cause it’s standard operating procedure to lay a big, wet kiss on one of the musicians while your peforming? Sounds fishy. Also, he’s playing the gender card by comparing it to what female artists do. I don’t know if he actaully cited the Madonna / Britney incident or it someone just paraphrased it but it wasn’t edgy (or remotely sexy)when Britney and Madonna kissed and it doesn’t sound like this performance was a treat either.

I had to watch the video twice to see the guy-on-guy crotch grinding - I’ll watch it again to get the timing for you (don’t say I never do anything for you people!). Okay, it’s at 1:00.

I do like Adam walking the two guys on leashes, though. :slight_smile:

There are groups—including the “Parents[sic] Television Council” mentioned in your second link—whose entire raison d’être is to watch every second of broadcast TV praying (probably literally) to witness something they can outrage about. Any objectionable material (which they identify with amazing frequency) leads to an avalanche of letter/email-writing and telephoned complaints to the network, the FCC, and whoever styled the prancing sissy gay boy’s hair before the show.

By acting as the squeakiest of wheels, they effectively portray themselves as a concerned majority of citizens rather than what they are: a small, pathetic group of meddlesome whiners with absolutely nothing better to do with their lives than this. And almost invariably, the craven networks and FCC will kowtow to their wishes.

I was about to start a thread because I’d heard but didn’t know what happened, so thanks to the op.

My brother-in-law just asked me what I thought of the whole thing. I admitted ignorance and he laid it all out for me. He’s what I think we’d all consider an open minded and progressive guy and he said he doens’t have a problem with GMA cancelling Lambert’s appearance. He said he doesn’t feel Lambert’s earned that kind of leeway yet. He did also say he might be more bothered if he liked Adam Lambert more as a performer.

I just saw a still photo posted of the ‘simulated fellatio’ thing - Lambert does have a dude’s face right up in his crotch. But personally I do not care. It’s dirty but if people haven’t noticed, a lot of pop music is pretty dirty. A few of my friends like pop music (Britney, Lady Gaga etc) and have shown me some of the music videos. A lot are very sexually charged. This is no different really, just 2 dudes instead of dude/chick or chick/chick like what is normally put out there.

In spite of my distaste for the particular song, I’m sort of liking Adam Lambert a bit more for this - his attitude seems to be, “So what?” I also agree with him (and people here) that is is discriminatory - gay touching when Aunt Edna can watch it is still taboo, apparently.

Darn it, the clip is no longer on youtube.

Well, he also flipped the bird to the camera.

Hold on now, he went onto a broadcast station owned by DISNEY and:
[li]Pushed a man’s face into his crotch.[/li][li]Pushed a woman’s face into his crotch.[/li][li]Kissed a man.[/li][li]Simulated fingering a female dancer.[/li][/ul]

I’m as open minded as they come, but c’mon. Yes, it was after 10 PM, but all of those things together just scream attention whore that’s trying too hard to be controversial. All that said, I can’t blame Disney for pulling him, what the fuck did he expect?

Also, I keep reading people comparing this to the Britney Madonna Christina kiss, but this is way different. One, this is broadcast and not cable. Two, there was a lot more than just a kiss. Lambert shouting sexism (he claims women do this all the time) is silly, because I have yet to see Britney or Gaga have a male dancer pretend to eat her out on a Disney network.

If Lambert were any good as a singer, he wouldn’t have to do the outrageous stuff to get publicity

I missed that performance :frowning: but from what I’ve read I think he’s gone a tad over the line for middle American tastes this early in the game! I read on another board he’s a “PR nightmare”. And I’m not surprised stodgy GMA would cancel his appearance - I wonder if the Today Show would have done the same.

A working YouTube link.

Perfectly said. (And it’s also true for dozens of other “celebrity” performers who no one will remember a year from now)

Very reminiscent of Madonna’s deliberately provocative choreography. Except, this guy is one of the worst singers I’ve ever heard, and the execution of his performance was terrible. Thumbs down.

You would think by the sadomasochistic theme of the choreography that the network was aware of the risqué nature of the performance. If it’s as simple as, ‘‘Oh, we thought he’d be sexing up women and not men,’’ then yeah, obviously it’s much ado about nothing. Not that I could really tell the gender of the person he kissed anyway.

Don’t think I’d heard of him before yesterday. Watched a little more than half the link Diosa posted.

How perfectly mediocre. Why would GMA want him on to begin with?

I must say, David Cook is the best singer to have come out of Idol, and all he has to do is stand still and sing and its great. No theatrics needed.

Yeah, it reminded me of the Human Nature video, except Madonna actually danced.

Not impressed.