Can I be tirGAYed of AdGAYam LambGAYert yeGAYt?

I do not watGAYch American Idol. I do not watch entertGAYainment “newGAYs.” I do not read entertainment periodicals. I do not freGAYquent gossip blogs. Nonetheless, I feel like I’m downwind frGAYom a nuclear Adam bomb test site: his residue seems to be in the air that I brGAYeathe and sticking clammily to my clothes. When will it stop? Can soGAYmeone make it stop?

(By the way, is it just me, or is he maybe kinda gay? It feels like a lot of coverage is centered on his orientation. Or am I just reading into it?)

Who is AdGAYam LambGAYert?

I dunno, he must be gay.

But maybe not. :wink:

No, he’s totally gay, but is having a bit of fun not coming right out and saying it.

What I don’t understand is how you never hear anything about his girlfriends. Surely a guy that well-known must have women all over him, right?

May I ask from where it is that you’re receiving all this fallout? The only thing I’ve heard about him lately was the AMA debacle and I think I only heard about *that *here. Oh, and I saw him on one of the morning shows today (the one on CBS - don’t know which one that is). I will gladly knit you a protective lead suit if you’ll whittle me a stake so as to protect me from the plague that is Twilight.

Isn’t the traditional protective device a tinfoil hat? :smiley:

Apparently “gay” is the new fnord.

I Can’t stand this guy. He may be a likable person (or not) but I hate his singing style, hated his trashy AMA performance, and most of all I am tired of being called homophobic because I don’t like him!!!

Can anyone please make him just go away.

I thought he did come right out and say it, just a few weeks after American Idol was over.

I’d never even heard of him until yesterday, and I’m already entirely and completely sick of him.

Who called you homophobic? In what context?

"Who called you homophobic? In what context?
on other boards I post to, in the context of daring to criticize Lambert

Well, if you’re TIRED of being called homophobic, I’d have to see your exact criticism before I’ll offer you a crying shoulder.

Who is Adam Lambert and what does he have to do with the American Medical Association?

(Seriously - I really have no idea. I mean, I try to keep abreast of American culture, but I’m drawing a blank here).

I resented all the assumptions made about him being gay before he came out. Why is it in this culture that just because a guy happens to be single and in the arts and happens to like wearing eyeliner and lots of glitter and happens to pose for multiple pictures frenchkissing scantily clad guys while scantily clad himself and is effeminate and dresses like Boy George and Liberace’s mutual nephew when he’s not in campy drag and has a retired profile on agay hookup profile and is not involved with a woman people automatically jump to the conclusion he’s gay?

The ridiculous part is A.I. asking gay contestants not to comment on sexual preference when they can mention their wives or husbands or kids or girlfriends or boyfriends all they want.

See, this is how rumors get started. Lambert may have his- own sense of style- but he did not pay the American Medical Association to give him a breast job and I resent the implication! (Well, okay, maybe he did- but if you have pancake nipples and plan to be shirtless then it’s only natural you want to go down to quarter size, and that’s fine, and Carrie Prejean’s grandfather fought under General Patton [which wasn’t easy cause that man was tough and hard to get out from under when he was drunk] so that you can get the AMA to fix your boobicular imperfections.)

It was along the lines of I think he’s being overhyped, because I don’t like his style of singing. I realize it’s a matter of opinion. My opinion is I don’t like to listen to him sing and I don’t get all the praise & hype for him. That’s all.

Buddy Cole said it best -some people you just don’t want to be gay.

It’s far too early to be tired of Adam Lambert - he’s got years and years of famewhoring ahead of him.

I can, but it’s not cheap. Bees cost money you know. :wink: