OUT Magazine Editor sets Adam Lambert on fire - Was this snide, angry letter to him justified

Yes it’s a Perez Hilton Linkget over it.

I don’t recall a magazine publicly nuking a celebrity like this in recent memory. Was his ire and response justified?

I didn’t think anybody ended up in flames by the end of the article. They seem to be going after his handlers more than Lambert himself.

Manufactured outrage.

His management are trying to avoid alienating the teen girl contingent who are major purchasers of this sort of music. There’s a long history of this in pop culture - you’ll note even Stephen Gately waited until his solo career to come out properly. It may not be “fair” but that’s show biz for you.

I’m more upset by the fact that I had to read something by the deeply irritating Perez Hilton to find out what the hell you were talking about.

That was a nuking?

It sounds like it was more about the record company douchebags being uptight than Lambert himself.

The same letter also acknowledges that Lambert agreed to do the cover, and that he gave a courteous and “frank” interview, so I don’t really see much of a problem. I think that American Idol recod company (“19 records” or whatever it’s called) just has a stick up its ass.

Lambert didn’t sign up to be a gay activist anyway. He wasn’t even technically “out” while he was on AI (though it wasn’t like he made any effort to conceal it, and Stevie Wonder could see it).

It’s never seemed to me like he’s had the slightest bit of discomfort about it. I suspect this is more the weasels and publicists around being afarid of scaring away the teeny boppers than Lambert himself, though I imagine he’d probably rather just be an entertainer than have to carry some political banner around.

The shocking part is that picture of him is less gay than it would have been otherwise.

Similar things have happen usually in reverse to black artists.

Whitney Houston was accused of sounding “Too White” so she made the CD “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” The 5th Deminsion was also accused of being a bunch of black people sounding white.

Oddly enough Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson were accused by the black community of trying to “act white,” until they got into trouble with the law. Then the black community rushed into defend them as one of their own.

Recently we have pictures of Sammy Sosa as a white man :slight_smile:

The problem is a lot of people will see things like this as “selling out.”

My favourte funny example of this is Belinda Carlisle who had a bad break up with her band the Go-Gos. After she came out with her solo album and she was noticably slimmed down she was slammed for having plastic surgery. Carlisle replied, “I didn’t have plastic surgery, I just was fat. I lost 25 pounds. When you lose that much weight you’ll probably find underneath it cheekbones and and a whole lot of other things you never knew existed.”


I’m just so sick of Adam Lambert who has gotten unjustly over-hyped in the entertainment media I otherwise enjoy. but yes, I do think it was weird to pose gay Adam with a nake woman in Details and in general try to sell him as sex symbol to women. Uh, no, not this woman. find nothing remotely sexy about him.

Well this one does. I think hes hot. I don’t see a problem with teen female sales.

But he’s what, twelve? Most dopers are quite a bit older than that, so of course we don’t find him attractive:D

Funniest thing I’ve read… EVER!

actually the screechy singer in question is 27; but the posts were still funny.