add this to your fortune cookie's message

A co-worker mentioned this today and had us all laughing. He read the fortune he had gotton with his lunch and added the words: in bed.
This makes them all more interesting:
You will recieve recognition for your efforts in bed
Keep trying! you’ll make it soon!in bed
you get the point.

“You are very talented with your hands”

Girlfriend got this one a few days ago.

No, I am not making this up. Unfortunately, we do not still have it, AFAIK.

When my hubby was working a job in the ‘burbs of DC a few years ago, he and some co-workers went out to lunch together every pay day. During that time period, one of his co-workers told him this little trick, and now we always do it. TOO FREAKIN’ FUNNY! Only problem with it is if you’re in company where it wouldn’t be inappropriate, or would be offensive, you can’t share the joke, but you can’t stop from mentally adding the words. So you’re laughing like a moron, and no one else knows why. For instance, last year, hubby and I went to a college graduation for a church friend of mine. After the ceremony, we all went out for Chinese food, and guess what happened when the cookies came! Big problem, cuz most of this friends’ family were Iranian Baha’is, only in this country for the ceremony. Definitely would not have been cool to “share”, couldn’t help laughing! Not sure it would have helped to share the joke anyway. I’ve heard several places that often, humor doesn’t translate very well.

Heck, we used to do something similar in church when they would announce the hymns: add the phrase 'between the sheets".

Jesus Loves Me ** between the sheets **
I Am a Rock ** between the sheets **
Come Holy Ghost ** between the sheets **
How Great Thou Art ** between the sheets **
And so on.

Endless moments of unorthodox amusement to the point I would read through the hymnals on my own to see what worked and what didn’t.

The day my mom told me about the “between the sheets” addition to the fortune cookie, my fortune was similar to this:

Behind a great man are other men.

Now I don’t read fortunes at all.

I tried this the other day and it was hilarious. My fortune said “You will have a mind blowing 3-way that involves whips, chains, and Mazola.”
When you add “in bed” it gives it a whole different meaning! :smiley: