Adobe Acrobat Q: one-time editable forms?

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I need to find a way to allow a local end-user to modify certain fields in a form (contact info, contract specs etc) but for that form to be locked for editing thereafter.

As of now, it seems that once I set forms to be editable, they’re always editable. I want our sales guys to be able to plug in the info required, and then send the pdf to clients, who should NOT be able to edit the form.

The local end-user can work in Acrobat Reader 8, or I can ensure that they have Acrobat 8. I’d rather not give them access to Acrobat Pro or LiveCycle Designer, as I fear chaos and general mayhem should some of them learn they can edit forms.

Thanks in advance!

Can the salesmen have the form in Word and then be trusted to convert it to Adobe before sending to the clients? That seems easy enough?

I just had to set this up for a Web client of mine. It’s kind of sucky and roundabout but this is the best, cheapest way we could do it - without programming a bunch of crap that lets you output to a form.

Your people will need a PDF printer. If you purchase Acrobat or Office 2007, you get a PDF printer. But there’s free ones out there, most notably PDF995 which they can install and use on any computer and it keeps you from having to buy Acrobat for everyone.

Once they download and fill out a form from your form repository, have them PRINT it, selecting PDF995 as their printer. That way, they still have a nice PDF to send to their clients but it is un-editable.

So, the method is:

  1. Use Acrobat to make PDF forms
  2. Post the forms to a central repository
  3. Include a link on the central repository page to download/use PDF995
  4. Download form and fill it out
  5. Print using PDF995 printer driver
  6. Email final PDF to client.


Never even thought of using the PDF Printer…

That works great, thanks so much!