Adobe is reanimating my Windows!

I found an annoying behavioral disorder with certain Adobe programs (namely Premiere Pro 1.5 and Audition 2.0). I usually have Windows XP’s little animated effects (such as the Minimize button shrinking a window) turned off, but these evil, evil programs keep turning them back on whenever I launch one.

Grrrrargh. I don’t want my windows to slooooooooooowly shrink to the taskbar and I don’t want my menus to oh-so-magically fade in and out :smiley:

Anyone know how to protect these settings so Adobe can’t touch them?

(Damn you, Adobe! You gobble up smaller companies and turn their previously awesome products into bloated, resource-sucking, effects-enforcing monstrosities!)

Sounds just like Microsoft of days gone by. Partner with an up and coming small outfit with a unique program, suckem blood dry while incorporating their product and leave them high and dry.