Adopted Pet Parents

  • For the last few months, my neighbor’s big, black, fat, lazy, Tom cat has decided that he likes my house better than his own. He isn’t bashful, he’ll walk right in the door the minute it is opened or he sits on the patio and cries until we let him in.

He has made himself at home to the extent that he sleeps on my kitchen table! My cat is not allowed anywhere near the table, so she just sits back and shoots crusty looks at him until I notice and toss his furry ass off. Five minutes later, he is back on the table sound asleep.

He has learned which cupboard I keep the cat food in and now will sit on the floor whining until I feed him - AGAIN - for the 10th time that day. The guy is FAT!

He wanders the house like he owns the place and won’t leave unless I carry him home. I am very good friends with my neighbors (we have lived next door for 17 years). They don’t mind that he likes our place better, in fact, we have a hard time keeping the kids straight.

I think he is now our cat whether I like it or not.

  • My sister had a snake that her son caught out in the ditch. She bought 10 little feeder fish (goldfish) for his food but he only ate 9 before they let him go back in the ditch. The fish was hiding behind a rock so they thought the food was gone. That ugly little goldfish is now more than 2 years old, 3 1/2 inches long, friendly (maybe he just wants food - I dunno) and beautiful!

She never wanted pet fish, he was only meant to be snake food. The guy at the pet store only sold them 10 feeder fish at a time because they aren’t supposed to live very long. HA!

I have a feeling that this fish is going to out live us all!

Anyone been adopted by an animal?

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