Carter has a home!

A local pet store, where I get cat food and litter, has an area the local Humane Society uses to display animals that are up for adoption. I always look at the cats–I like cats, and have a few of my own. But given that I have a few already, I don’t want to adopt any more.

One of the cats up for adoption has been Carter. He is a handsome black cat, about a year old, or perhaps a year and a few months. According to the tag on the glass, Carter was given up by his family when they moved. He likes people, but he doesn’t like other cats, and he would do well as the only cat in the house.

I first noticed Carter there about a month ago. At the same time, there were some tabby kittens that were getting a lot of attention. I probably make a weekly trip to the pet store, so the following week, I saw that he was still there, though some of the tabbies had been adopted. And there were some new kittens. This pattern repeated over the next couple of weeks: kittens came and went, but Carter remained. Maybe it was the he was a black cat, or maybe it was because he was an adult, but he remained. I felt a little sorry for him, seeing him there time after time, and hoped somebody would want him.

Today, I again went to the pet store. Carter was still there, but this time the tag on his enclosure read, “I’ve been adopted and I’m going home soon!” I was glad to see that somebody wanted such a cat, and I hope whoever has adopted Carter has many years of happiness with him.

Mundane and pointless, but I had to share Carter’s good news.

Yay for Carter! We went to the pet store last week and there were I think six adult cats waiting for adoption, and each one was cuter and more friendly and playful than the last. I sure hope all those cuties found good homes, too.

Someone ought to make a movie: “Get Carter.”

I’m happy for Carter