Ads That Should Be Advertising Something Else

Has anyone seen the new Dentyne ads on TV lately for the “Make Face Time” campaign? (Here they are on the Dentyne site)

Honestly, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m looking at an ad by the Generic Scandinavian Board of Tourism until the Dentyne logo appears at the end.

…and then there’s the ill-fated Microsoft ads with Seinfeld and Bill Gates, but I’m not even sure WHAT product they would have been better suited for. Probably anything but Microsoft, really.

Anyone else notice ads lately that really should be advertising for something entirely different?

A lot of ice-cream ads look like porn film trailers.

Pretty much every tampon commercial I’ve ever seen. You’d swear they were either selling air fresheners or beach vacations.

One that’s been airing recently shows aloof, dreamily-dressed women on beaches and other imagery, which leads me to think it’ll be about perfume or some-such, until the end: Singapore Airlines (or was it Korean Air? I forget).