Adult Actors Who Are Twins

They may technically be fraternal twins, but they appear to me to be as identical as most identical twins I know.

Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays

David Birney and Meredith Baxter

Meredith Baxter was married to David Birney, so I’m pretty sure they’re not twins.

Well, there’s Randy and Jason Sklar, identical twin comedians. They almost always appear together. Here’s their joint filmography:

  1. Bubble Boy (2001)
  2. “Oblongs, The” (2001) TV (voices)
  3. “Late Friday” (2001) TV
  4. “BattleBots” (2000) TV
  5. “Dot Comedy” (2000/II) TV
  6. Prime Gig, The (2000)
  7. “Apt. 2F” (1997) TV

And guest appearances on a number of other TV shows, and they do standup on Comedy Central sometimes.

Dack and Dirk Rambo–both deceased now, sadly.
They worked together on The Loretta Young Show before Dirk was killed in a car crash.

Deirdre Hall from Days of Our Lives is a twin, isn’t she? Or was it a non-twin real life sister who played her twin sister (who was murdered) on the soap? Ergh.

Alexandra Paul has an identical twin sister Caroline. Caroline Paul however is a firefighter (and author of a book on her career) not an actress.

Say, what about Elvis??? He made many fine films. :smiley:

'Course, his twin died at birth, but still…

Former baseball slugger and admitted steroid user Jose Canseco has two acting gigs to his credit, one an episode of “The Simpsons”, and one on something called “The Tony Danza Show”. He played himself both times, but still. He has an identical twin brother named Ozzie.

Conrad Bain, of “Maude” and “Diff’rent Strokes,” has an identical twin named Bonar Bain, who has done occasional guest roles on television.

Conrad had it easy, compared to his brother. I cannot imagine the difficulty of growing up with a name like “Bonar Bain.”

That was her identical twin, Andrea. Earlier, she had been involved in a plot where she put her twin in a mental institution and took her place.

Also, Kin Shiver, Scott Baldwin on General Hospital & Port Charles, has an identical twin Wil Shiver, who had a talk show in Canada a while back.

Oh, the crap I know about soaps.

Yes, Diedre’s twin sister played Samantha, Marlena’s twin sister on the show, and they are identical twins.

I always thought former Spandau-Ballet-members-turned-actors Gary (The Bodyguard, et al) and Martin Kemp (East Enders, et al) were identical twins. However, an IMDB search revealed that Gary is two years older than Martin.

Catherine Deneuve had a twin sister who was also an actress (actually before Catherine became one too). But she was killed in a car accident in the early 70’s, IIRC.

I don’t think Kin and Wil Shiver are identical twins. Wil is much cuter (IMO), and has darker hair. But-maybe they are, and have tried to alter their appearance a lot. I dunno.

Not really actors, but TV personalities none the less,

Leigh and Leslie Keno.

Stuffy PBS viewers know them from thier furniture appraisials on Antiques Roadshow

Catherine Deneuve’s sister was Francoise Dorleac, and she wasn’t a twin. She was a year and a half older. She died in an auto accident in 1967.