Adult Actors Who Are Twins

I can’t think of any rightoff the bat, can y’all? Dead or alive is okay.



Well, the guy who plays Xander on Buffy is a twin, but his brother isn’t an actor, as far as I know.

I think the OP was referring to identical twins.

Identical twins who are children have an advantage if they want to act. Child labor laws only allow children to work a certain number of hours in a day. With twins, you can get twice as much work done in the same amount of time.

Don and Dan Stanton have appeared in a few movies, always together. Their biggest role to date was probably as the chubby sheriff’s deputy working in the mental hospital in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and the T-1000 forming a duplicate of said deputy (just before stabbing him through the eye). They’ve also appeared in Good Morning, Vietnam, Gremlins 2 and Mom and Dad Save the World.

Also in Terminator 2, Linda Hamilton’s twin sister Leslie appeared in scenes when two images of Sarah Connor were required (i.e. the dream sequence where Sarah watches herself in a park with children before they all get nuked, and the climax where the T-1000 duplicates Sarah).

Good Morning Vietnam is one movie, of course. The above post looks like it might mean the Stanton twins appear in a movie named Good Morning and another called Vietnam.

Jason and Jeremy London?

They’re identical, aren’t they?

Jean and Liz Sagal were cute in the TV series “Double Trouble”.

Tia and Tamra Mowry from that other twin show “Sister Sister” are right on the cusp of being adult actresses.

And I forgot Matthew Laurance and Mitchell Laurance (no relation to the hateful demon spawn Lawrence brothers currently wreaking havoc on the Disney channel).

How about Jill Hennessy and her identical twin Jacqueline?

I don’t believe I’ve seen Jacqueline in anything since Dead Ringers, though. Do they both have to be actors?

I forgot to include that in the OP.



Actually, Nick Brendon’s identical twin brother, Kelly, appeared on an episode of Buffy, as a duplicate Xander.

That’d be Kelly Donovan for the record. Both of them use their first and middle names professionally. IIRC, to protect their family’s privacy.

How about the Paul brothers (Peter and David)? I always thought they were twins, but maybe they’re just really close in age - and now that I think of it, maybe they’re not identical, anyway. They were in such cinema classics as Think Big and The Barbarians.

Mary Kate and Ashley are almost adults. I am sooo old. I remember when they were toddlers like it was yesterday.

Well according to IMDb:

That’s about all that Jacqueline has done. I saw an interview with Jill where she said that at times when she was sick while doing ‘Law and Order’, Jacqueline would fill in for her.

actually, they aren’t identical.

(hates self for knowing that worthless fact)
Isabella Rosellini is a twin, but I dont think she is identical.

Yes, they are twins.

Kelly Donovan not only appeared as Xander’s double in that episode, he is also Nick Brendon’s stunt double on the show.

There were identical twins on a show I used to watch, “Second Noah” - Jon and Jeremy Torgerson.

Since the op * doesn’t* say identical…so how about some boy-girl twins?

Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi are twins

Sarah-Jane and Andrew Lee Potts are twins

Nicholle and David Tom are twins…