Adult self soothing poll

It’s odd what pops into your head at night isn’t it? Occasionally I’ll read about someone who as an adult sucks their thumb or uses a blankie or bear to get to sleep, & decided to see who was brave enough to 'fess up. Hence this poll, which is anonymous, BTW!

Not weird at all! My blankie is cheaper, more legal and more easily obtainable than cannabis (2nd choice).

Some daily quality time with a bottle of Gewurstraminer does it for me.

Preface: my reply is a joke directed at Troppus, and not factual.

My vote is C, both

Both a security blanket, and thumb sucking…except its my ex wifes twin sucking my thumb

I’m on my phone, so I can’t see the poll, but is there an option for “other”? Because if so, I choose bubble wrap. :smiley:

Kitty purr usually does it for me.

I think we all self-soothe in many different ways but so far as infantile needs go, my son’s ex had to have her “bankie.” All that was left was a pale blue square about the size of a napkin. She slept with it every night and oddly, for it to “work,” she had to put it on top of her head. If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin. We’ve got some cute pictures.

I cuddled a stuffed animal to sleep from the age of 15-35, until my husband and I got our dog and she likes to rip apart soft things like teddy bears. Now I have to keep all my stuffed animals on a high shelf in a closet. It actually took me a quite a while to get used to sleeping without a stuffed animal clutched to my chest.

I went with, “No, I stopped when I was little.” I can’t remember ever having a blankie, special teddy bear, etc.

Though I suspect that almost everyone ‘self soothes’ regularly in some form or another.

I replaced my teddy bear with a small squishy pillow and hug that instead. I can’t sleep without something soft and cuddly in my arms.

What, a real live dog doesn’t serve the purpose equally well, or in fact much better?

Oh god yes. I have both a special pillow and blanket, which I will use for years, until they aren’t even fit for the rag bin.

Do it too much and you’ll go blind.

Thank you for making the poll one that supports choosing multiple options. I went with both I see no problem with self soothing and I think ya’ll are a buncha freaks and wierdos :smiley:

I did too! LOL

Not true…that’s just a rumor our psychiatrist’s started

Stupid, unfounded old wives’ tale. :mad:
Unrelated I know, but while I’ve got the floor… my eyesight is way worse than when I was eleven. 'Sup widdat? :confused:

That’s what I thought this thread was going to be about before I opened it, since I’ve never heard the term “self-soothing.” Then I saw all the options about blankets and stuffed animals and was very confused for a second.

Like Rachellogram, I used to have a teddy bear but replaced him with a pillow. It feels weird trying to sleep without my arms around something.

I’ve never within my memory sucked my thumb for comfort. But a couple of times, out of scientific curiosity, I did put my thumb in my mouth touching my upper palate. To my surprise, it did have a very calming effect on me, and I could see how it could become habit forming. I’ve never seen studies done on this though.

What I do for comfort before I sleep is to imagine myself in the arms of my fictional lover as I drift off. It’s fantastic.

Assuming you’re female…we need to talk…you seemed very stressed out lately, from your posts.

I just may have the thing for you.