Adult Swim Weirdness, Superjail

Okay, I like odd, goofy shows, but I think I reached my limits last night.

Started with Aqua Teen Hunger force. Not a regular watcher and IMO its often hit or miss. But I love my man Carl and when the episodes are good I thoroughly enjoy myself. Then came the Squid Billies. Only seen a handful of those, and last nights was pretty funny and strange. Might become my new Aqua Teen. Then it was the Eric and Tom? whatever show. Okay, now that was getting pretty damn strange (and they get paid for this?).

But the topper was Superjail. Holly bad drug trip Batman! Has anybody else seen that thing? I gotta run now, but that one took the cake. I am not sure how you’d even describe it.

I love that show, can’t wait for season two, soooo trippy, extremely well drawn though.

Superjail reminds me of a slightly twisted eight year old boy’s daydreams come to life, if that boy liked movies about Turkish prisons. Not really my cup o’ tea. Did enjoy the Cheyenne Cinnamon pilot they aired last week though.

I’m way old, but I enjoyed Adult Swim back in the Space Ghost/Brak days. I even gave Venture Brothers a try. Then I saw some cartoon about a talking pair of buttocks that worked as a detective (?)!!! Enough. Now I wear my Brak T-shirt from Hot Topic to sleep in at night, and if I can’t sleep, I watch something more age appropriate. QVC, or infomercials.

I love Superjail. I watched them all on Adult Swim, and when the dvd came out I rented it just so I could slow it down and really check out all the little details. It reminds me of something I would have seen on Liquid Television back in the day.

My favorite parts are when the show gets cranked up into a running battle, with monsters and prisoners and what-all tearing each other into shreds in different ways. I’m not a huge gore fan, but on Superjail it’s almost hypnotic.

salinqmind: For what it’s worth, Assy McGee didn’t make it for very long. It was terrible, and I say that as a major Adult Swim fan. Venture Brothers, on the other hand, is genius television.

I like Superjail a lot, I’m looking forward to more episodes.

I wonder if one were to watch it on acid, would it turn into an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond”?

As a fan of Adult Swim since its beginning (god, it’ll be ten years this fall!) I’ve found that a lot of their shows people may like or not be interested in, but some of them are strictly absolutely love or absolutely hate!

Usually its the really weird ones like Superjail!. Others were 12oz Mouse, Assy McGee, Perfect Hair Forever, Tom Goes to the Mayor (I liked it more than Awesome Show), Saul of the Mole Men, Drinky Crow, Xavier: Renegade Angel, Minoriteam, and The Brak Show.

Personally, I loved all of these shows. You can’t watch a show like Superjail! or Assy McGee if you’re expecting ‘jokes’. Its more about the richness and detail of their own self-contained universes. There’s often so much in each episode you can watch them over and over. And they’re often really funny too. I though Drinky Crow, Xavier, and Assy were hilarious!

To me this is what Adult Swim was created for. Not for dreck like The Boondocks, Stroker and Hoop, Mission Hill or The Oblongs…

…Or Baby Blues. shudder

I like Superjail, both for the out-there plots and the rewatchability. Other shows mentioned have been pretty hit-or-miss per episode for me though. The Brak Show is pretty decent, and a few skits from The Awesome Show have gotten a laugh (the “sit on you” dance, for example). I kinda like the animation style of Tom Goes to the Mayor.

My top Adult Swim picks are The Venture Brothers and Metalocalypse.