Adult Swim's 2005 fall schedule?

Say, I’ve got a silly, mundane question…does anyone know where I can find the Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” fall schedule?

Google and the adult swim website have given me nothing, so either it hasn’t been finalized yet, or I’m just screwing up my searches. (The odds are about even, I’d say.)

Can…anyone help?

I’ll vote that they haven’t finalized anything. I don’t think that they really follow the same sort of scheduling that networks do anyway. However, here is a list of upcoming premiers (click on the premiers update link on the left). Note, they are pushing The Squidbillies again, so I don’t know if the rest of that is real or not.

Just tell me they’re going to keep making new Venture Brothers. We just found that show and I love it more than I love any of you, by a long shot.

Yes, Venture Brothers second season is in production right now. New shows are expected to air in early 2006.