Adults who still whine about how mean their mommy is

In this thread, Least Original Username Ever once again regales us with yet another tale of what a horrible person his mom (or, as he lovingly refers to her, “female birth giver”) is.
It wouldn’t be worth a pitting on its own, except that this is a part of a pattern where he constantly complains about his mom on this board (whereas, of course, his dad apparently walks on water). It comes on the heels of this thread in which he shares with us the injustice of how his mom offered to make him a sandwich using salami that had gasp been in the freezer for a long time.

You know, when my mommy stopped cutting the crusts off the sandwiches she made for me, I was so mad that instead of just posting about it on a messageboard I…well, I moved out of her house and started making my own damn sandwiches!

Yes, that’s right folks: He hates his mom so much, yet he he still lives in the same house with her even though he is apparently in his mid twenties. If you follow that link, you’ll notice that he feels he shouldn’t have to live by her rules in spite of living in the same household.
Gee, I can’t understand why you two don’t get along!

All this whining about how you hate your mom makes you sound like some pathetic teenager who’s just been grounded.
Guess what? Your parents don’t owe you ANYTHING once you are adult.
If I were your mom and you talked that way to me, you would have been out on your ass on your 18th birthday, kid.
The fact that your actual mom still does make an effort to do things for you (even though, of course, it’s never enough by your standards) shows that she does still love you in spite of your shitty treatment of her. I hope someday you grow up enough to show some appreciation for that before it’s too late.

From your reference to how you’re close to accepting yet more help from Good Ol’ Mom to get into the dating scene, I assume that somewhere deep down you do harbor hopes of emerging from the dark confines of your parents’ basement to actually get a life of your own. So let me let you in on a little secret: A lot of women look at how a man treats his mom as an indication of how he’ll treat his wife.
Good luck getting any woman who hears you calling your mom your “female birth giver” to agree to become your “female semen receptacle”.

Yes, I know what you’re going to say: “You don’t know the whole story!”. I realize some parents truly are bad. Of course I don’t think truly abusive parents deserve any respect. But since LOUNE shared with us even little details like his mom’s horrible chemical warfare against him, somehow I doubt that he just forgot to mention the part where she beat him everyday with a belt or raped him when he was a toddler.

And even if she were truly an awful person, there comes a time when you need to grow up and get over it. If your parents are truly toxic influences on you, then move away and don’t give them your new address instead of continuing to whine about how bad they are from your little hideout in their basement. Nobody said life was fair and that everyone gets a perfect set of perfect parents to guide them through life. Once you’re an adult, it’s no longer your mommy’s fault if you’re still a fuck-up.

Jeebus, who the fuck pissed in your oatmeal this morning?

Was it the cat?

I think somebody has “Mommy” issues.

You know, I was actually pretty happy when my mother stopped cutting the crusts off my sandwiches, because then she finally stopped throwing the centers away.

You’re scraping up a lot of vitriol for a situation in which you don’t know the details, no?
Edited to Add: I like the crusts. It’s my favorite part!

Silenus , so you are saying that her mommy was the one who pissed in lavenderviolet’s oatmeal?

Well what are you waiting for? Give us the details so we can decide who’s in the right!

Well, I do prefer rye over white bread…and either of those over wheat…
Oh, you’re asking about the other particulars.

If you want to press for them, that’s fine, I’ll provide them, but I didn’t know we were keeping score and had to declare a “winner”.

I would say that your pitting is mostly justified, lavender (yes, I know, you were waiting with bated breath for my stamp of approval :smiley: ), and your advice is sound. LOUNE, you really do need to fly on your own. Not only do some people not get perfect parents, it has come to my attention that just about NOBODY gets perfect parents. We all have our baggage coming out of childhood, and we all need to find a way to let go of it and get on with the business of having a life. The details aren’t actually all that important.

I read something very enlightening once; it was about how everybody’s parents did the best they could. Very few people’s parents got up in the morning and said, “How can I screw up my child’s life today?” Some people’s best is obviously better than other people’s, but what you don’t get from your parents, you have to provide for yourself. It’s just the way life is.

Ah, that’s nothing next to Daddy issues. PERRY: Did your dad love you?
HARRY: Only when I dressed up like a beer bottle, how about you?
PERRY: Well, he used to beat me in morse code, so it’s possible, but he never said the words. [right]–Kiss Kiss Bang Bang[/right]

My mommie used to shove me out of the car onto the side of the road and then make me chase after the car for miles while she drove in start-stop fashion, amusingly spinning out just when I’d reach the rear fender. Do I have the o.p.'s permission to be resentful and bitter about the life-giver?


It was a joke dude. Who would random internet people be to tell you how to run your life based on flimsy bits of info? Not that some folks won’t try…

I don’t disagree with you at all. Like I’ve also said on many occasions, I’m in the beginning stages of getting out. I just need some cash on a consistent basis. I would love to get out and get life going, but it’s been abnormally difficult do to so given the circumstances.

I’ve also said before that I realize that the birth-giver has the best of intentions, and I do recognize and honor those. Her methods are unsound, however.

I know, I know. Mine was partially a joke as well. (I’ve got nothing to hide, and if someone does want to genuinely know, I’ll tell them.)

I’ll tune your funnyometer if you tweak mine.

Wait. That sounded gay. Quick, say something about boobs.

Ok. It sounds as if your mother’s first mistake was that she fed you.

Lame excuse. If your parents kicked you out right now, you would survive. Even a minimum wage job can buy you housing in a cheap area. Find some roommates, look at the classifieds. If you’re not out within a month (at most), you’re really not trying that hard.

They should have plugged the hole to my feeding tube when they had the chance.

I would, as soon as a first check came in. I’m more concerned about them.

Or left you in a dumpster.

Fly with a sludgehammer, eh?

So, someone deserves to die for not particularly liking his mother. Neat.