Advice from Latin speakers

My friends and I are getting together for the 6th annual Dorkfest™. Despite your dirty little minds, we get together to play D & D or other role playing or general board games. 'cause we’re dorks.

I am looking for a logo to put on the beer stein that will be the party favor given to everybody. I’ve pretty much decided on putting a takeoff of Caesar’s “Veni, vini, vici.” quote.

I’m thinking of “Veni, vidi, dica iace” as in, "I came, I saw, I rolled the dice(I don’t think the tense is correct, but I’ll fix it.) It doesn’t roll off the tongue, though, like the original quote. I took latin years ago, but can’t find anything that’s gaming related that would fit there. Any suggestions for a good ending to that which wouldn’t sound to stilted.

I’s also listen to other ideas for a different line altogether.

Well, there is Alea iacta est (and that would suggest “alea” instead of “dica” in your original for the English “die”).

And to continue from Giles’ post, the active voice form consistent with the first two statements i.e. “I came, I saw, I cast/rolled the dice” would be veni, vidi, aleas ieci.

How about ‘bibi bibi bibi’? I drank, I drank, and I drank some more. As well as being a riff on Buck Rogers.

‘Alea jacta est’ is ready-made for gamers!

Oh oh oh! For D&D: “Alea vigintilatera jacta est” - the d20 is thrown.

Veni, vidi, dici… not real Latin but it sure is understandable :smiley:

Bibo ergo sum/Bilbo ergo sum.

I drink, therefore I am/I’m Bilbo, therefore I am.

I knew I remembered bilbo: I’ve just checked my dictionary, and “bilbere” is “to slosh”: Bilbo ergo sum is hence “I’m a hobbit, therefore I am” or “I slosh, therefore I am.”

Or you could turn it around: ‘aleas et vidi et ieci et vinci’ or ‘I saw the dice, I threw them, and I won’.

I knew iacta was in there somewhere. Just had it as ‘die’ rather than ‘throw’.

Alea = die? Just wondered if the character name Alia in Dune was based on that. Unpredictable and all that.

I like the ‘bibi, bibi, bibi’

Also like the 20-sider is cast one too, but d & D is only one of the games we’re playing.

I think I’ll stick the the die is cast. Thanks to all.

Of course, I’m also contemplating a switch to showing Zoot’s sister from Castle Anthrax in Monty Python Holy Grail saying “Bad George. Wicked, naughty George.” George being one of the gamers. How easy would it be to photoshop his face into that picture. I’ve never done it before.