Advice wanted on dealing with a possible ticking time-bomb of a cop

Maybe “ticking time-bomb” was a bit over the top based on available evidence, but this does NOT sound like a cop that I’d ever want to run into in an official capacity. Who knows, maybe he’s the soul of politeness and correct behaviour when on duty, but somehow I think the odds are against it.

Gyms have all kinds of people. It’s up to the manager to deal with these problems, not patrons. It’d be great if members could work things out, but the type of people who don’t care what other people think aren’t going to be considerate of other members. Let the manager talk to the guy making a lot of noise. But keep in mind that some gyms seek out a hardcore vibe and may not see anything wrong with dropping weights, grunting, shouting, etc. And it’s not unusual to drop weights and make noise in most gyms. This policeman likely won’t be the only one in the gym who does this. It will be an ongoing issue from other weightlifters.

It sounds like the older guy is just a stranger to you, but if you end up talking with him, you might suggest he go to a gym like Planet Fitness. They are built around not having that kind of behavior from the members. There are probably other gyms which are more fitness focused or have an older clientele and they would be more understanding to keep it quiet. Since he has a medical issue, he can probably get out of his contract if the gym won’t address this problem.

Another possible suggestion is for him to get noise cancelling headphones. There are some great ones out there which will make the gym sound deserted. Since he has an issue with loud noises, a set of noise cancelling headphones will probably come in handy for him in general. Based on his age, there’s a chance he’s not aware of the modern noise cancelling headphones or how they work. (And for anyone else out there who haven’t tried them, they’re awesome. For example, a noisy plane is virtually silent. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t tried on my daughter’s set.)

Common? No. But there are some agencies that allow officers to take squads home and use them for personal use off duty as long as they have their firearm, badge/ID and cuffs on them. Off the top of my head I believe Appleton, WI PD has this policy. If I think about it I’m sure I can come up with a few more.

But it’s far from common.

It’s relevant that he’s a cop because IME cops are more polite and capable of defusing minor disputes than the average person, not less.

Ultravires, here in Baltimore-Washington, most people aren’t allowed to carry guns.

Loach, where did I say I plan to report him to his boss? I could have already done that if I wanted to. I mused about suggesting the retired state cop (who likely knows him–it’s a small gym) have a talk with the kid. I may report him to the people whose property he’s damaging.

I repeat: this is not Gold’s Gym in Venice. It’s a quiet little place with all levels of trainers who generally get along fine.

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Always loved that picture. IIRC officer Maurice Cullinane later became DC police chief.

Outstanding! That guy is what I believe all policemen should strive to be, rather than a SWAT team member.

Does anyone see the difference between these two pictures?

You literally asked how to deal with a ticking time bomb. Not how to deal with a mild annoyance. A ticking time bomb. Forgive me if I thought you were beyond talking to the gym manager. I’m not sure how the gym is supposed to diffuse a ticking time bomb.

A ticking time bomb will diffuse itself eventually.

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Filmore has a great suggestion for this older guy.

Because I think he is the source of the problem here. He has a medical /psychiatric problem (abnormal sensitivity to noise) and is trying to make everyone else change for his benefit. That’s pretty much the definition of ‘entitled’.

The cop may have become rude when this older guy was persistent, but that is often the result of dealing with a ‘Karen’.

Thank you. I know…“Cops are human, too.” Inarguably, which explains the dearth of lion cops. But not everyone is well-suited to positions of power, and unempathetic shitheads would be among them.