I was threatened by an off-duty cop.

The off-duty cop works as a courtesy officer at my apartment complex (Chelsea Apt).

I have made mulitiple noise complaints against my upstairs neighbors.

Wed Nov 11, I made another late night complaint.

Courtesy officer shows up.

Becomes beligerant. Tries to claim I am making violent gestures, & that he will smack my head against the concrete.

No such gestures made by me.

Have contacted apt complex office, & am contacting my lawyer tomorrow.

Note-- his name is “hew Lay”. Name broken in 2 & first section placed last to interefere with net searches.

Frankly, I’m scared. My local cops are gaining a nasty rep for out-of-control violence, here in M’boro. A prisoner was likely beaten to death in the local jail earlier this month.

My hands are shaking.

You lead a very dramatic life.

So you call in a noise complaint against your upstairs neighbors, the police officer shows up at your door and immediately begins calling you belligerent and threatening you with physical violence?

This sounds like there’s got to have been something else (conversation, questions, etc) that happened in between his arrival and things getting out of hand. What took place?

This is like the 9th or 10th call over the last few months.
Happened after midnight.

He basically tried to shift blame to me.

What kinds of complaints are you making against your neighbors, Bosda? That might help explain the situation.

Noise complaints.

They get me up in the wee hours of the AM.

Mentioned that on & off on the SDMB for months now.

I know they’re noise complaints. But what kind of noise? How loud? Have you asked them to keep it down?

Many times.

Loud music, stomping, all at 11:30 Pm - 2AM.

Truthfully, I’m rattled about going forward with a complaint about this. I was watching the news during the OP, & a man was beaten to death (allegedly) in the local jail.

Dude, you need to complain to both the local cop shot despite the corruption, and the apartment management.

Personally, I’d look up my local laws regarding recording conversations, and try to figure out a way to record any future encounters. (For instance, maybe you could have your computer recording sound and maybe video.)

Can you be more specific?

Or was the sequence -[ul]
[li]You phone the police for the 10th time[/li][li]They send someone off duty (?)[/li][li]You say the equivalent of ‘My neighbors are making too much noise’[/li][li]He responds ‘this is your fault - I am going to smack your head against the concrete’[/li][li]He leaves[/ul][/li]I feel like there is something missing here.


Has the po-po perhaps got friends among the noisemakers?

My interpretation is that the off-duty copy is employed by the apartment building as a “courtesy officer” overnight to handle this kind of thing without involving the police and to be building security. In that case I’d go straight to the building management and register your complaint there. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that then you had better move, as you options are pretty limited.

Call the cops next time, instead of the apartment complex. Let an on-duty officer handle it.
Also, what is the significance of the officer’s name? Why did you bother sharing it, and doing so in such a strange manner??

You are almost certainly correct. The complaint seems to have been made directly to the courtesy officer.

I would still like to know what happened or was said between the officer showing up and the threat.


Ditto. What the hell?


Spoke directly with the apartment manager today.

Also spoke with my attorney over the phone.

This puzzles me. Do you keep an attorney on retainer just for such instances? Are you in the mob?

Generally, a courtesy officer is a local cop who gets discounted rent to live in an apartment complex and provide low level security. The complex gets a discount on their insurance for having a cop in residence. They do not replace security, but it does cut down on crime in the complex.

I agree with most of the other posters; something is missing from this story. Has the courtesy officer been the one to respond to your other 9 complaints? That might begin to explain why he jumped to such extremes.

i’d almost believe the story just as it is, i’ve had similar experiences with an on-duty cop, a seat belt ticket, and being threatened to be taken in for spousal abuse because i threw the ticket left hand over right shoulder into my back seat as he walked back to his car, with my then wife in the passengers seat.