After a bout of gastritis/"stomach flu", how do I know when to resume eating?

Long story short – I had what I believe to gastritis starting yesterday morning. After a thorough early-morning emesis, I laid in bed all day with some mild body aches. I had no appetite at all, and was only to keep down small cups of Gatorade throughout the day.

Fast forward to this morning – body aches are gone, and my appetite is returning. But is there any physiological sign that would tell me whether or not I can keep down food right now? I could stick with Gatorade today, and play it safe … but I am getting ravenous :smiley:

Last time I had it – my body told me when and what to eat and it didn’t lead me astray.

IANAD etc. etc.

Have you heard of “B.R.A.T.”? The idea is to start with foods that are least likely to, um, set you off, and go slowly, and see what happens.

Professional stomach-sick person here (aka Peace Corps volunteer)

Yeah, eat some simple starches and see if that stays down. Usually I go with the insides white bread or rice. The BRAT diet really does work.

Avoid spicy, oily, caffeinated or fibery food. One thing that will cause me harm is drinking huge amounts of water immediately- keep hydrated with something with electrolytes, but sip it slowly. Don’t just pour down bottles of water.

I find I’m usually fine the second day, though. Your body usually does a good job of telling you what it needs.

I’ve lived in developing countries for 11 years (5 with the Peace Corps) and travelled extensively and had success using a different approach. As soon as I feel like eating, I eat whatever I feel like eating. Works for me. IAAD.

When I’m recovering from the flu, I always just eat more or less what I feel like - but I make damned sure to eat it slowly. It’s worked for me - but your mileage may vary. Good luck!