After Cecil, who?

That is the question , for he seems to be well over 60.

A bit of succession planning may be in order. Don’t you guys think so?

Do you have Cecil in the Death Pool or something?

While Cecil may be no spring chicken, he seems to have plenty of pep in his step. I wouldn’t worry about this for the time being.

I’m sure when the times comes there will be a conclave of cardinals, messages made with smoke, etc. You know the drill, I’m sure.

There’s probably something akin to the Santa Clause at work-the Cecil Clause! First person to put on the (late) Cecil’s green eyeshade takes over the role.

I believe that I addressed this question adequately in a previous thread:

I imagine it’ll be pretty similar to what’s going on in North Korea right now.

So, you’re going to get baked and pick a name out of a (big) hat?

The giant puff of smoke is probably the tip off. “Don’t bogart that joint” is the motto of the mods. :smiley:

Crap, now they’ll all want some.

As I understand it, it all starts in Iowa…


One does not elect the next Cecil. One searches for the next Cecil, in the manner of High Lamas searching for the next Dalai Lama.

I thought that a Cecil emerged fully grown from Lake Michigan, as is shown in this painting. (Of course it’s an earlier incarnation of Cecil, demonstrating that the Perfect Master is not limited by gender. And I think Ed Zottii is the man on the left in a blue cape.)

What are you talking about, there’s no such thing as a sanity clause.

(with apologies to Exapno)

Listen – strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

Help! I’m being repressed!

Guys, get serious. What’cha gonna do when Unca Cecil is gone?

If Cecil didn’t exist, it would necessary to invent him.



Apres Cecil le deluge.

Man invented Cecil in his own image.

This was all planned out centuries ago by the Mayans. We shant have long to wait.