After long hiatus away, I return...with a new job, engaged, and happy...oh so happy..

It’s been awhile since I’ve been around to say hi! My message board time got cut way short as my last place of employment got busy laying people off and making adjustments and I started trying to beat the man by looking for a new job. Well it paid off, I got a new job with a 35% salary increase, better benefits, stock options, great health etc. Not only that but these people gave me a killer office in downtown Dallas and they actually want to pay me to travel…lol…that’s just the best right there :smiley:

On to the good stuff, I’m engaged official like now, she’s got a ring and a wedding dress and we made the first payment yesterday for the place we’ll be getting married in. It’s good ya know, moving forward in your life and realizing things are all about to make perfect sense before a whole new set of doors opens and it all gets confusing. Either way, my best friend will be my wife on June 23rd and that’s just cool!

Oh yeah…life plans…I found a new apartment up here in North Dallas, right over off Preston and Lloyd near the the Tollway so I’ll be moving with the wife once we tie the knot. On other fronts, I am now the proud owner of a 43” Toshiba HDTV so that makes me cool or something right :wink: I guess now I’ll have to start watching tv.

Oh, and why didn’t someone warn me about Dallas traffic?!?

Someone ask me about my new job…especially tech people, I am so wanting to give the goods on the new job!

-SS :slight_smile:

Congrats all the way around, SS! Sounds like life is definitely on the upswing for you!

So, give the dirt on the job… I’m all ears! :smiley:

Congratulations, Sky. Good to hear things are going so well for you.


Congrats Sky! Good to hear you’re doing well, and I, for one, have missed your posts around here. Good luck with the wedding plans. :smiley:


I was wondering about you! So how are her parents on this? Is her Daddy still at the place you left? Tell us how you proposed! C’mon, we want details man!!!

Most importantly…are you still being celebate? :smiley:

Don’t answer that, I don’t want to know and I’m sure you wouldn’t kiss and tell anyway.

Congrats again!

Congratulations SS. That’s great!

I have to take the Tollway to work each day, too. Thankfully, I live down by White Rock Lake and I am going North in the morning and South in the evening. So, the really bad traffic is always headed the other way. I think the key is going in early and leaving early.

I’m not a Tech type person, but I’d still love to hear about the new position. BTW, what building are you in? My wife is in the Bank of America building (the one lit in green neon at night).

I’ve been wondering what happened to your sorry ass. :smiley:

Glad to hear everything’s going well. I live right off Preston and Frankford. We need to get together for drinks again if your woman will let you.

I’m in a suite inside the Dallas Infomart(Big White Crystal Palace thing) off of Stemmons. My office is on the first floor, right next to a 3 story marble fountain in the rather spacious atrium. Its a beautiful facility and I really like it. My favorite part about my job is the flexibility in schedule. I can show up at 7am or at 9am or any time in between. As long as I put in my 8 hours all is good. That and I really dont need to take a lunch. Just around the corner is a huge lunch area with about 8 mini-restaraunts in it. I can just grab a quick lunch to go and have it at my desk!

My favorite part is the security in our office. I have a smart radius card(The door auto-unlocks when the card is within one foot of the magnetic lock) to get me in the door and once through that door there is an armed security guard sitting behind a wall of security monitors. He’s watching like 180 cameras that monitor just our office space. Once in there I have to use another smart card to get into the actual office and everything past that point is a lockdown zone meaning any area can be cordoned off in the event of an intruder. We were actually talking about implementing retinal scanners and palm scanners for interior security areas later in the year. That will be just too cool!

Here is where the techno geeks like me get to go nuts about the details! We’re a global provider of Fiber Optic Bandwidth and hosting and we lease the majority of dark fiber lines to almost anyone around the world that needs the highest speed global networks available. I.E.- AT&T, MCI, Microsoft, etc.

Anyway, needless to say, our own Corporate infrastructure is running on one of the fastest fiber networks in the world. Our LAN is a Gigabit Fiber System and the WAN is on an OC-60 across the US. Our Internet portal connects directly into a backbone using an OC-192 line and terminates across another OC-192 somewhere off in Korea.

Basically, I am surfing the net faster than I have ever even seen, much less thought possible. We’ve got crazy security because we have huge rooms loaded with more computers than most people have seen in their lives and they’re running the networks for most of the major players in the Internet Community. We’ve got everything from Websites, to ISP’s, to jst switches and routers for companies that want mega-bandwidth.

The best part about it all is that there are only 5 office employees and about that many technicians and engineers. It’s smal, its quiet, and the profit sharing and bonus checks are HUGE!!!

Tommy the Cat:
The last company I worked for installed the Neon on that building. I was a Project Manager for them and when I did my training I actually got to repel the building. Thats right, the tallest building on Dallas has held me on its side from a thin steel cable. You would not believe what the Metroplex looks like from up there!! I have pictures but I’ll have to dig them up and find a place to host them again later in the week. The top of the building is covered in Sattelites, communications equipment, etc. The technical name for the building is not actually Bank America Plaza, its the North Texas Communications Center. Just a bit of useless info for ya! :wink:

I bought her ring, but I haven’t actually proposed yet. We consider ourselves engaged but I’m waiting for the perfect moment to spring the ring on her. Not much surprise though because we picked them out together. I just haven’t told her I actually bought it :wink:

I’ll let you guys know how and when I pop the question. Her dad still works there, he’s glad I made the move, both for my benefit and for his daughters. He’s actually looking for a new job as well.

Everything is peachy…ask away anything you want to know and I’m sure I could come up with an answer soon enough!

-SS :smiley:

Can you drop some fiber between your switch and my apartment? For free? This Saturday? Around tea time?

Trust me. You won’t even notice the hit on your network.

No questions, just congratulations. And welcome back.

Congratulations SkySlash! It sounds like your life is going great. I remember when you first posted about meeting your future wife and how happy you were. I’m glad everything worked out for you. Again, congratulations to a happy future! :slight_smile:

Yay for you, SkySlash. I guess that means you’re off-limits to the sdmb community from now on;)

Good job amigo.

get a good strike price?

Congrads!!! Looks like your life is on track and everything’s going great! :slight_smile:

oh, BTW:

You know…the board is kinda slow…

C’mon man! - We’re your buddies! - Hook us up!

You just pull a cable here… :eek:

another there… :smiley:

flip a few switches… :stuck_out_tongue:

and SHIZAM!!! ~ The fastest message board around!

Dunno yet amigo, corporate is still in session to close final and approve, however, the strike price will be set at market closing price for the day I started.

They gave me 1250 options with 10 years to exercise, 4 years vesting at 25% per year.

Hell, let me just check real quick.

Price closed at 15.75 on Feb 1(1st day) with several 2:1 splits in the last 3 years and a 52 week range of 9-1/8 to 51-7/8

As fast as the company is growing and expanding I would imagine I will see several more splits over the next few years and an interesting fluxuation in price.