After radation treatment for Prostate Cancer. Waiting for results?

I’m 57 years old and recently had radiation treatment for Prostate Cancer. My psa was 3.5 and Gleason count was in the middle range. I am now waiting to get results from a new psa. Is there anyone out there with a case similar to mine? If so I would love to hear what kind of results you got after radiation? I had 3d conformal radiation therapy. I know there are endless informative sites on the net but I am looking for answers from people with numbers close to mine. As well I am curious how much people have paid for treatment like mine? Thanks in advance.

Hi Mozart -
I know you asked for specifics, this being GQ and all, but I figured that the following might not be so bad - perhaps a bit of support?

My uncle was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year - the medics picked it up in a routine checkup. He is 70. He underwent a course of radiotherapy: a shot per day, for six weeks I think it was, which was quite draining.

They had to wait for the results - perhaps this is the toughest part? - but, his tests came back fine, and he’s now doing extremely well. He’s in Australia, so can’t really tell you about the cost.

Best of luck to you.