After reply, link back to new posts?

I’ve always wondered if I’m missing something (not that I have a lot of posts to my credit) but say you when you enter the SDMB and you go to “see new posts” and get the list of all new posts on the boards. Then if you reply to a post, it seems the quickest way to get back to the list of new posts is two clicks away: either you scroll to the top and click on the root “Straight Dope Message Board” and click new posts again, or you go “back” quickly so you don’t double post (or right click on “back” and choose the right link back to “SDMB - search results”).

Is there a one click solution to view new posts again?

I don’t view by new posts (since there are so many), but if you opened threads from that initial list by right-clicking and choosing “Open in new window” you would leave your list of new posts undisturbed (and perform only one search).

Powers106 - I don’t use that feature and haven’t experimented, but I’m pretty sure that there is no one-click solution. Switching back and forth between two windows, like hawthorne says, may be the easiest way for you.