Again with the annoying commercials!

For two years of a new truck. You are renting it.

Don’t forget to read the fine print: giant red bow not included. Sad!

My mother bought a new Lexus about five years ago and wanted the giant red bow experience. So they presented the car to her in the dealership with the bow on it, but removed it before she drove it home. I’m sure if you want to keep the thing, they’ll give it to you (while folding the cost in the car’s price).

Try this:

I started seeing a commercial for Glock. (I can’t find a link to it on line, but I did find out there is a whole series! Some with R. Lee Ermey, so they must go back quite a while. Still, this is the first one I saw in the wild, so to speak. I think iut was on the Olympic channel, during figure skating! Just in time for Christmas! Nothing says peace and love like handguns. )

As an early-adopter of the “plastic handgun” I’m not bothered by guns or gun commercials in general, but the one being shown is more like a beer commercial. It shows families doing family things, and the gun doesn’t get shown until like the 20 second mark. Until the gun shows up, it’s as generic as every “ask your doctor if ___is right for you” commercial. Very strange.

This commercial for Nestle Toll House chips amuses me, because of the tagline “The Original Way to Share Love”. I thought the original way to share love involved genitalia.

They’re the same couple on House Hunters, looking at $5m houses, while he’s a street performer and she teaches basket weaving to underprivileged wombats, complaining about paint colors and the fact the marble bathroom floors won’t match their $500 bathmat.

Is anyone else getting tired of seeing the Watts family all over the TV?

And the worst part: she’s responding to “Take a piece if you’re the best at sharing.”

Yeah, sharing germs!


it’s technically correct.

It does. Only for some reason, they use a revised recipe on the bag.

A current car commercial is using a horrible, sappy, treacly song with lyrics including “blow a kiss into the sun.”
Every time I hear it, I picture John Belushi grabbing the guy’s guitar and smashing it against a wall.

My two favorite commercials that were gun related were long ago. One is the classic ad for Master Locks which shows one of their laminated steel locks hanging on a hasp. After a few seconds the lock gets blasted by a bullet and swings violently before settling down seemingly undamaged. Then the tag, “Master Locks” appears.

Followed a few months later but what seems to be the same commercial. But this time the lock is blasted into pieces and only the shackle remains swinging there. Then the tag, “Sierra Silver Tip”. Ha ha!

Look, you two, just get it over with! Shower together and share the Old Spice body wash!

Unless you’re supposed to be brother & sister.

“Say no to crack, say YES! to roller skating”
Say NO to Crack, Say YES! to Roller Skating - YouTube
This commercial is one big WTF???

If that’s the case, get some coffee.

As was intended.

Made by Rhett and Link, the same guys who did the Cuban Gynecologist: Local Car Commercial.


That couple just does not appeal to me. I mean, they are handsome, cultured and live in an apartment with a $3000 a month view. But they seem, I don’t know - superficial.

Why am I suddenly seeing soft core NSFW bidet ads on this site? Yuck.