Again with the annoying commercials!

Tonight I saw this Bounty commercial

And said to my husband, “see, this is everything I don’t like about kids. They make annoying noises, they hurt you, and they ruin your stuff.”
He looked at me across a sea of furry bodies, and said, “Like dogs?”
:no_mouth: Well, I have to admit, he had me there.

When I see that Bounty commercial, I wonder why the big sister isn’t picking up the computer.

Does anyone else think the ad where the witch turns the girl into a cat is creepy? I mean reallly realllly creepy? I think it must be a Geico ad. Because they always creep me out the most.

It is.

And this is supposed to make you want to buy insurance from them… how???

The idea is to keep the company name in your mind.

Oh, it is. And not in a good way. Progressive too. And now the “Limu Emu??” WTF, when did insurance turn into a clown show?

This is actually one of my favorite adverts of all time, but yeah, super creepy. I think what makes it so is that the uncatified roommate seems to be in on the whole thing.

I’m sure it’ll be gone again after Halloween.

Is that John Goodman? On the end of a finger?! This is weird and disturbing. The short version that I’ve seen on TV at least doesn’t have the first really gross bit. It’s bad. Really bad. You might not want to click on that. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Comcast’s “Bounce Forward” ad bugs me more every time I see it. The voice-over is really annoying, for one. The narrator repeatedly asks a question and then immediately (and smugly) answers her own question. “But is it secure? Sure it’s secure!”

Even worse though, is the whole idea behind the “Bounce Forward” concept. So your business has been devastated by COVID-19? Don’t worry, everything will be even better than it was before as long as you buy our internet service!
It just seems supremely insulting and condescending to actual business owners.

years ago when tv guide was still useful as well as a tv guide for a while they would post the top 10 or so biggest commercial advertisers on broadcast tv and continually the top 7 or 8 would be insurance companies just changing spots but geico was always number one …

Did John Goodman lose a bet? Why in the hell would he do that ad?

One of the Comcast Xfinity commercials featuring Amy Poehler amuses me more than it annoys me, but I can’t find it online so I’ll describe it. There is a loud teenage party going on in a house while the parents are sitting in the car in the driveway with Amy Poehler watching it. She shows them how the Xfinity smartphone app lets them pause the WiFi in the home (which shuts down the smart speaker the kids are using to play music and effectively ends the party). I’m just amused that the kids are entirely dependent on streaming music; no one has CDs, tapes, LPs or even MP3s stored on their phone.

I just watched that commercial and came to this thread to comment on it if it hadn’t been mentioned yet. Talk about Uncanny Valley level creepiness.

I’m bothered by crappy music in commercials.

Kroger just upped the ante on “I’m so sexy” with “Low, low, low”.

Then there’s SoFi and “Express Yourself”. That whiny twang annoys me so much.

Oh yeah, totally going to mention that commercial. Gah!

Not so much in on the whole thing, just oddly curious about how her roommate is transforming. As opposed to wildly freaked that she will be next.

Dixie plate commercial where guy is lamenting how he spent all day working on his grandma’s secret recipe, only to have it ruined by using the wrong paper plates. Hey, if you are having a special date night, why are you using paper plates?

That was my immediate reaction to this commercial. I use paper plates for myself a lot, but not for anything that could spill. And even for sandwiches and such, I have plastic holders for the paper plates just in case.