Age difference at first straight sex

All right, here’s the question that is suggested by one or two recent threads: What was the age difference between you and your partner when you first had heterosexual sex?

“heterosexual sex”: is that intercourse or very (very) heavy petting? (Not that it matters in my case)

Intercourse, i.e., when you lost your virginity.

I’ve never had heterosexual sex and at age 41, am unlikely to do so. I had sex with an 18 year old guy when I was 18. It seems that as I age, my tastes in men age as well. When I was in my 20’s old men (in their 40’s) looked like creepy old pervs and now that I’m in my 40’s guys in their 20’s look like children to me.

She was (and is, I suppose) exactly 6 years, 6 months, and 6 days older than I am.

I was 19, she was a couple months away from 22.

Sorry to hear that. Maybe a little makeup, lose some weight, stop eating garlic and opening your mouth would help? :slight_smile:

To answer the OP, less than a year difference. I think. I can’t be sure who was the first. There were so many that were almost the first.

Almost the exact same age. Within a couple months.

I was not quite 16, he was 18.

None of the above. We were born on the same day and year.

I was 23, I think? 24? I want to say she was 27.

39 years older. I was 16.

My first was about four hours younger than I. Part of how we got to know each other was the discovery that we shared our birthday.

I was 18. She was 23.

I was 9 days younger than she, having both been born in the same hospital. Her mother has a photo where I am in the background in the neighboring isolette.

We met again in our teens and figured out our earlier “meeting” after baby pictures were hauled out to embarrass her.

was this consensual?:eek: are you male or female, if I may ask?

eta: I was 16, he was 21

I was a week shy of twelve and she was 19

I was newly 16. She… fibbed a bit, it turned out.

Ho boy.

I must say, this is one of the few times I’m actually curious about someone else’s sex life.

I’m flabbergasted. Did you read D-Paul’s post? Or the thread? What he/she expressed was a healthy attraction to people of their own age. And you’re sorry about that? They should lose weight and stop eating garlic? Blind arrogance is becoming to no one, and I should know. But at least I’ve known enough to be ashamed.