aha kicks ass

Yep. Saw em last night on VH1. It was one of those voting things. People voted for which video they wanted to see. It was A-ha vs Van Halen vs Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Sorry, scratch, never was much on Aha.

However, I do like Sheryl Crow’s quote about Van Halen “There’s something intriguing about DAvid Lee Roth in spandex”.

I can’t wait till he see’s this and gets all happy then opens it and… man… I bet he cries!!! hehe! :smiley:

Oh man, and people think I’M mean? At least he get’s 6 cents for you mentioning him in a thread…right? Oh damn. Sorry! :wink:

Whoops, there’s an apostrophe in there you can take out and save for later. It’s on me.