aHA!! NOW I know who Newcrasher is!

Say Hello to Kim Jong Il!

Longstanding SDMB Mystery solved. You may all thank me.

Link does not work.

Yes it does.

Weird, you must have fixed it. Thanks. :wink:

Seriously, it did not work the first time or second time I tried it. That is the only reason I posted.


Hmph! Kim Jong Il obviously isn’t. If he were, he would have said he was an expert in teh internets.

No, it doesn’t.

“Page Not Found” = “Kim Jong Il”?

Sure, they have the same number of syllables, but…

Yes, it does.


Duck season!

King Solomon Post Here: it didn’t work for me the first time I tried it; it did work the second time.

Question: How is Newcrasher and Kim Jong Il the same, based on the link?

Here is a far more stable link to the story.

I still don’t get it.

Are you saying **Newcrasher **has claimed to be an expert on the internet or that he’s a leader of “one of the world’s most closed nations, with [a] totalitarian regime [that] tightly control[s] outside information and tolerat[es] no dissent.”?

I think Newscrasher has stated that he is a famous person and we would all be shocked if we found out his identity. Maybe the bold proclamations followed by coy silence does fit the pattern of Kim Jong Il although I would have guessed that some other Dopers are Kim Jong Il before I guessed Newscrasher. I am pretty sure I know the user names of Prince Charles and OJ Simpson though.

No, we just shared a “due date” (He cheated; he waited another week to be born.)

Newcrasher once jokingly made a thread about how (s)he was probably the most famous poster on the sdmb, and that we’d be surprised to know who they are.

At the end of the thread, before the mods locked it, Newcrasher came back to the thread to apologize for it. Saying that (s)he should have realised that kind of stunt was inappropriate on this board, and confirming that they were not famous.

Please, let’s not make this the next Hal Briston-sheep thing.

PS. I don’t know Newcrasher’s gender, hence the (s)he stuff.

Huh. Never knew that.

So Drew Carey is out. Kim Jong Il is out. Can we guess it’s Milli or Vanilli?

So you’re saying that Kim Jong Il might be a woman? Wow, the things you learn on the internet.

So I look up from buffing my nails and say, "Well…

He aches just like a woman, yes he does…
He takes just like a woman, yes he does…
He makes love just like a woman, yes he does…
But he breaks just like a little girl."

Then I apologize to Bob Dylan for messing with his lyrics and I go back to buffing my nails.

I could have sworn he’s posted in one of the pic threads. To the best of my recollection he just looked like a boring white dude.

Are you suggesting that Newcrasher lip-synchs his posts? :dubious: