Ahem...How illegal IS this?

When shoe~shopping, a friend of mine…


OK, this question is about [sub]me.[/sub] My left foot is a full size bigger than my right foot. So when I go shoe~shopping, I sometimes switch shoes so I get one size 8 and one size 9. I don’t put the remaining mismatched shoes in a box (I don’t want someone else to go through the hassle of returning shoes.) I leave them neatly & artfully arranged. I mean, I take two shoes, and pay for two shoes…

My name isn’t Carina, I don’t live in Denver and I don’t paint houses. I’m a small man named Trevor, I live in Biloxi, Mississippi, and I repair old Wurlitzers for a living. [sub]really.[/sub]

So is my friend going to hell?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but that’s entirely illegal. Even if you artfully arrange the evidence, you’ve still essentially stolen a pair of shoes (they can’t really sell a mismatched set.)

I think you may be seeing some karma action for this one. :frowning:

I don’t agree with monkey on the illegality part. Strikes me as a bit of a grey area (after all, they sell shoes by the pair[/], meaning two shoes, right? They don’t specify which two shoes make up the pair…).

However, I do suspect there is some karmic consequences to come. Probably the next time you buy a new set of tires for your car you’ll drive home only to find one of them is one of those nutty little spares you get in compact cars.

part of this bad karma will come in the form of crummy VB code practices!! Repent!

Here’s a potential solution that will keep you out of the hoosegow and ease your conscience:

Find someone who has exactly the same taste in shoes that you do but has a size 9 right and a size 8 left! Take them with you whenever you buy shoes.

Do you see now how seemingly difficult problems actually have simple solutions?

I have nothing to add to this, other than the fact that I also live in Biloxi. Have you worked on the Grand’s piano that resides on the second floor of the Islandview Hotel? That thing has a player piano function that will play the theme song to “The Dukes Of Hazzard”! :eek:

Don’t mess with those guys at Shoe Sail…they employ security guys to catch shoe scam artists like you…keep your eyes open for them.

Y’know, 5 minutes ago, I would have thought this was a really outrageous, impossible idea. huh. Whodathunkit?


I love the internet!

There’s not really much I can say that hasn’t been covered here except that the above quoted info really makes me wonder about that BJ you gave me…
I’m so confused now!

*Originally posted by DeskMonkey *

Uhmmm… they just did.

And if they had the infrastructure in place, they could do it again. The problem is these companies won’t facilitate these purchases because they discriminate against lopsided people. Gawddamned symmetrical chauvinists.

In December I bought a lovely pair of shoes–a size nine right and size eight left.


Well . . . yeah . . . but . . . not on purpose!!

Now they have to go find some Bizarro Carina42 that’s lopsided in the opposite direction.

Carina, have you considered a toe-reduction? Or enlargement? They do 'em on breasts and penises all the ding-dang time. Do yourself a favor and start life over with a new, symetrical you! :slight_smile:

I just registered my feet!! Thanks, DeskMonkey!

Crunchy Frog There’s a first time for everything. :smiley:

I think I will call a couple of shoe stores (anonymously) tomorrow and see what they have to say.

Meanwhile, my feet are registered. Now I just have to search their site for someone with the same taste as me. I wnder how it works…do I get to go shopping with another mismatched person? I’ll need to find people who like everything from hiking boots to Tevas to pink snakeskin boots (I have a pair of those.:slight_smile: They are fabulous. Foley’s, $160.00 :eek:)
::skips off happily on lop~sided feet::

DeskMonkey: Thank you for making both Drain Bead and myself have a brain aneurysm as we both imploded laughing after seeing the solemates.com website and its stated purpose.

Yer pal,

OK, so do they have one of those registries for tops and bottoms, i.e., skirts and jackets and the like?

[sub]If they do, then I’ll really love the Internet![/sub]

Frannie, that may be the best “use of that phrase and subsequent explanation” I’ve seen in a month. My dirty mind and I thank you wholeheartedly.

[sub]So no, I really had nothing to add to this thread.[/sub]

OMG!!! FREAK!!! keeps you at bay with a pointed stick

If you don’t feel like sneaking a mismatched pair up to the cash register or participating in elaborate online shoe swaps, I know that Nordstrom will sell you a pair of shoes in two different sizes. One of the many reasons that their shoe departments are justifiably famous.

Yep, it’s illegal. It’s tag switching–same as if you put the tag from the $20 shoes on the $100 shoes.

I hope you find your Bizarro Carina!

Girl, they’re all over the internet! :rolleyes:

Oh. Skirts and jackets…

Green Bean Although I agree, this is most likely illegal; or at least somewhat unethical. If I was buying one black shoe and one brown shoe, the bar gets raised a little higher. However, I wouldn’t put it on par with switching price tags. I am buying two shoes for the retailers’ price for the pair. There is certainly a reasonable assumption by reasonable persons that those shoes should be a matching pair, though.

Juniper200 Thanks for the tip!

I’m working in my home workshop this week, so I have plenty of time to call around shoe stores. I’ll call everyone from Payless Shoes to Joan & David. I’ll report back later!

OK; I just called six shoe stores for their take on this: Nordstroms, El Loro Clog Co, Foot Zone, Joan & David, Mephisto, and Famous Footwear. I talked in each case to a manager.

Nordstroms: Only sells mismatched shoes if the discrepancy is 1 1/2 sizes or larger.

El Loro: Did not think it shoplifting, but certainly unethical. May try to honor the request, if possible.

Foot Zone: Manager personally didn’t think this was wrong. Happens a lot, and they get a rebate from the manufacturer if they have mis-matched shoes.

Joan & David: Giddy woman who had no clue. They will not intentionally sell mis~matched shoes; it has happened, nobody got in trouble. She suggested always accomodating the larger foot, and checking into custom made shoes.

Famous Footwear: Shoplifting; yes. An employee will be fired if they are caught not checking every pair of shoes going out the door, for size, style, colour, L/R, etc.

Mephisto: Yes. If they thought a customer was even thinking about doing this, they wuld ask the customer to leave.
So, now I feel like a complete shit. I’ll never do this again. :frowning: