Ahmadinejad calls for worldwide nuclear disarmament


Strangely? unreported in the US media.

I’m for it. Anyone else?

Why, exactly, would anyone not suspect that maybe Ahmadinejad is just lying to the rest of the world, hoping that they’ll all quit building nuclear bombs, while he keeps working hard on his own nuclear program and eventually builds nukes of his own? Why wouldn’t he do this? Does anyone actually believe a fucking word out of this insane man’s mouth?

Worldwide nuclear disarmament has been suggested by a billion people whose opinions I place a lot more value in than I do Ahmadinejad’s. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile, I guess.

… Hilarity Ensues.


I’m sure there are a lot of interesting things that come out of his mouth that don’t get reported. However, I find his statement a contradiction in terms in relation to his refusal to allow nuclear inspections.

A nuclear free world is a fantasy that will never happen. It’s as much a fantasy as Ahmadineiad’s perception of an Iran without gay people.

I agree that the devil is in the details. But I don’t doubt that Mr. A would welcome inspections in Iran if they were simultaneously being carried out in the nuclear powers with the goal dismantling their nukes.

WAG. The US and the other nuclear powers would rather see Iran with nukes than give up their own.

Technically signers of the Non-proliferation treaty (which includes Iran and the US) are bound to try and work for a nuclear free world. And, at least arguably, the US and other signers are doing their part by (slowly) working together to take apart their arsenals. I sorta lost track of where things were at, but we are, or were, negotiating another round of disarmament with the Russians.

So I guess most of the world agrees with Ahmadinejad, but I doubt it will make much of a difference.

I do. Without nukes everyone would be in the same position there are now. It wouldn’t take nukes for the US to dismantle the Iranian government or to blow the country to hell and back. We obviously couldn’t make any headway into controlling territory there or even seeing it become more than yet another giant mess like Iraq, but just bombing the place is hardly a problem. If he’s seriously worried about the rest of the world using nukes on him then he should be just as worried about a non-nuclear attack as well.

He gains nothing if the rest of the world disarms unless he *doesn’t. *And when was the last time the US even made a new nuclear weapon? Aren’t they all leftovers from the Cold War?

With every right to be if the demented Ms. Palin has her way.

Perhaps, but there are over 10,000 of them and they still work. And then there is Obama’s request for a $5B increase in nuclear spending as part of our disarmament efforts.:slight_smile:

Because Palin is such a driving force behind current US Policy. :rolleyes: You honestly think the guy really cares about global peace? At all? We are talking about the same guy who called for Israel to wiped off the map.

And to quote your own article (which seems just a tad bias there):

Nobody is doubting that the US has plenty of nuclear weapons already. Or that disarmament is a good thing. It’s just that Ahmadinejad isn’t asking the world to do it because he’s afraid of having nuclear weapons used on him or because he’s suddenly developed a new respect for life. It’s just yet another soundbite from an already crazy guy.

It’s a cheap way to take the moral high ground and blunt criticism of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. If you aren’t in favor of global disarmament, then how can you demand Iran give up it’s nuclear program while keeping your own nukes? It also is more aimed towards Israel’s nuclear weapons, the existence of which irk the other powers in the region no end.