AI Dungeon - the infinite storytelling generator

AI Dungeon is a game which generates an adventure based on your inputs. It is… surprisingly good. It will react to your commands and will remember some of what you’ve input in previous commands.

In my first adventure, it told me that I was a knight who had to go fight a dragon. I decided to test its limits and offered the dragon “a lucrative career in sales.”

It accepted and flew away. I told the game that I wanted to return to the home office and was greeted by a “very surprised saleswoman,” who wanted to know what was up with the dragon. I told her to get the dragon a new employee packet. She said something like, “Yes sir! He’s very good at what he does!”

Unfortunately, when I woke up the next morning I found out that there was nothing to eat for breakfast because the dragon had eaten everything in the kitchen. I think the game still had me in a castle because I’d chosen a “fantasy” framework at the beginning of the adventure.

Anyway, I fed the cook to the dragon and did some other stuff. I attended a seminar about how to better deal with dragons, then started a dragon-killing franchise. I told the game I wanted to skim money from employee salaries, and it told me that I accomplished this by giving my employees substandard dragon-killing skills so that they all died on their adventures and I got to keep their wages. I earned enough money to retire to an island and got a “congratulations - game over” message.

If you fight the game too hard it will mess up, but if you go with the flow it can produce pretty great stuff. The article at the top has a link to download it on iOS and Android.

I’d be interested in hearing about other people’s adventures and will post more of mine if anything else cool happens.

And hijacking the game into an office-politics simulator (with dragons) isn’t fighting it too hard? Man, that’s impressive.

This makes for some interesting adult fantasy, not that I would know.

Here’s my first go as, what started out as, a scavenger after the apocalypse. It kinda…takes a few turns.

Did you get that through the app? I haven’t found any way to export stories.

Yep. Top left corner opens a menu. Then click on “my stories” then “share”

Here’s another. A tale of crime and love. But mostly crine.

Must be iOS? I don’t have that option in android.

Im on android too.

At the top it says AI Dungeon. In the top right it has the restart button and top left is the menu button. In the mnu it says i have version 1.1.0. I got from the link in the article you linked in the OP. Maybe you got a different version?


rofl those are funny too bad there going to patch out all the cool things out and make it “family-friendly” … you can play it on the pc but you have to make a “donation” because they disabled al the links to use it for free … i tried the “classic” one but the writings worse than mine …

It starts to wig out after a while. Not sure if it’s because it has nowhere else to go, or if it’s time related or what.

Worse than that - the servers for their PC version have been down since the 17[sup]th[/sup]. They’re asking fans to help pay server costs.

The great thing about this game is the random but still kind of relevant reactions.

I’m a peasant in a fantasy world and start out near a young woman my age. She is crying but won’t tell me why, I comfort her, then follow her home and we spend the night together.

The next morning she is in the kitchen with some juice. I decided to experiment with doing something ridiculous so I said “turn juice into gold”. This is the game’s reaction:

**> Turn juice into gold

You pour the juice into a
glass and set it down on the

“And this is what you

“Yeah, it’s called

“Gold? Why would anyone want
to drink something like

“Because it tastes great.”**

There’s a very bizarre kind of genius in this game.

Well, that was disturbing.

Hmm I’m going to try to make a normal person who acts rationally to everything and see what happens.

my play store isn’t showing me it so my tab must be too old to use it …maybe ill donate 5 bucks sos i can try it on the pc

I don’t have a menu button on my app for getting game logs. I even redownloaded it. :frowning:

I played a custom game. I told it that I was a space bounty hunter in a space ship who was hunting a space squirrel.

First thing I did was tell it that I wanted to use my computer to find traces of a the space squirrel. It directed me to a solar system that had a desert planet. Cool. I landed and eventually, yes, there was a brown creature there. I tried to kill it but it ran away. I started following it and came across another creature. We had a conversation.

I tried to get this guy to tell me where the space squirrel was. He took me to a building with a library in it. I kept after him about the space squirrel. He was pretty cagey about the whole thing, but eventually told me that if I really wanted to know where it had gotten off to, we’d have to go to his home planet.

I asked him where that was. He told me that it was called Earth, but I didn’t want to go because it’s full of people who eat animals and rape women (I am not kidding even a little bit). I insisted and he was like, “okay, fine.”

So he took me down the hallway to a door marked “Earth.” We stepped through and, lo, were on another planet!

Then he attacked and killed me. GAME OVER.

Works pretty well with for me. I started a game as a peasant, ignored all distractions as I grew and harvested grain, and soon had a thriving farm that I sold, moved to New York, and started a successful restaurant franchise before retiring, returning home and devoting myself to charity. I died surrounded by my loved ones of old age. Then I realized I still had a prompt, so I started haunting the place and giving financial advice at seances. Then the game forgot I was a ghost, and the whole thing went off the rails… well, more so.

The next game I was a nobleman under siege by orcs. I invited their leader to tea, then the opera, long story short, he was killed by mysterious explosions on our wedding day.

Yeah, it seems to have a limit to how long it remembers stuff.

I’ve also played through enough times to figure out that it has a few concrete redirection nodes. Every now and then, no matter what you’re doing, it will do a soft reset and send you to one of them. The one I’ve seen a lot is going home and seeing your parents, who are either proud or upset at what you’ve been doing.

One time, it sent me home shortly after I’d turned myself into a lich. So I turned my parents into liches. They were understandably upset, and then my mother tried to convince me to kill them both rather than making them spend eternity that way. :eek::eek::eek:

I get the impression that it doesn’t know how to say “no”. Whatever you say you’re going to do, it lets you, and then tries (sometimes successfully) to figure out what the heck that means.