Aiding and abetting my Mothers love life

Chatting with ones parents, there are just some things you never expect to hear.

My mom and I were voice chatting the other day when she started stammering and then asked me:

“So, where can I go meet men online?” :eek:

I was stunned silent (and trust me that doesn’t happen often), and Kal had to leave the room cos he was giggling so hard.

Having happily stepped out of the single’s scene, I haven’t a clue what to tell her. She wants to know where she can post an advertisement, or look through some personals.

So I come to you folks for a bit of assistance. Can you reccommend me some personals sites that are free, or at least don’t cost an arm and a leg, to email someone she may find interesting.

Or if you have a friendly single relative in the PNW… :wink:

Um, given your remarks in a few other threads, and assuming you have some tastes in common, I can’t believe she’ll have much trouble. :slight_smile:

If she still wants to go online, why don’t you recommend some of the sites listed in the thread started by the guy wanting to know if there was something wrong with his ad. I’d search for myself, but I’m at work. I read a newspaper article a few months ago about some site where the men were recommended by woman who knew them, which might lead to personnals a tad more accurate than usual.

right on, mama Washte.

I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

The Straight Dope Message Board.

I can’t vouch for the ‘quality’ of men on any of these, as I only used to play around when I was bored. Nothing funnier than winding up some tit called “JoeLovelyC-ck” in an instant chat provided on one of the sites.
IIRC these sites will allow women to sign up and send messages for free, but men generally have to pay.

Then of course there’s things like the Yahoo Personals, I’m sure people like AOL, Lycos, etc offer similar serives. And Google reveals millions, depends how much research you want to do and how many sites you’re willing to trawl through.

Slight hijack - I don’t understand why dating sites spam you with “photos of singles in your area” surely if you leave their books it would imply that you’ve either found someone, or you’ve given up looking?

What, are you nuts? 31,000 members, maybe 2 dozen couples? Those are really sucky odds.

Why not try something like yahoo chat… she can make friends firstly and a lot of relationships (yes, before anyone says it, good and bad) have come from it…

Met my bf there and we’re together a very happy 18 months… and I know quite a few others in the same position.

That way she’ll make some friends all across the world (possiblity of travel and seeing new countries, cultures etc) as well as possibly meeting someone who could be “the one”…

Try the regional rooms or perhaps hobby based rooms in the first instance … just a suggestion…

I don’t think my mom could handle the SDMB… Or rather, I don’t think the SDMB could handle my mom. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a wonderful woman but Lord love a duck… computering is not her strong suit.

Thanks for the links Tir Tinuviel. I’ll have a peek and see if they’re along the line she’s looking for.

The Yahoo chat thing you mention Rhino’sHoney may be a good thing. She’s good at the chat thing. Don’t know what she’d do with offers of cyber-lovin’ but hey… You can teach an old dog new tricks, eh? :wink:

Keep the ideas coming, please. This is fun!

They get much better when you take out all the inactive members and the people who already have an SO/aren’t looking for an SO.

Washte, this could be a good way for your mom to improve her computer skills. :smiley: