Aight, let's try this Vikings Dopfest again, eh?

Let’s shoot for 7 October - should be far enough away for people to plan.

My place, again - I’ll provide chilli, beer, coffee, and acessories, y’all bring whatever goes along with it.

Will warn grampa that he’s not to invite the relly’s up this time :smiley:

What say you all? :wink:

I do like the Vikings, but I seldom sit still through a whole game. I check in and out of the living room. Maybe I am not loyal enough. I feel bad about Korey Stringer, too.

I think we will probably come. That’s enough advance notice. As long as Grampa doesn’t mind having a bunch of people over.

I don’t think I have any plans for that week (good thing you didn’t pick this next Sunday-- I just got a ticket to that game! Yay! I can see them lose IN PERSON!) so mark me down as a tentative oh-yah-yubetcha.

Vikings… that’s football, right? I don’t watch pro sports, but I’ll see if I can clear it with my wife to go off and meet with a bunch of people I’ve met online. She’s kinda paranoid about that…


We’re not the most enthusiastic dopefest people, are we?

Four responses!?!

Well, hell, I’ll go. But I’d like it later in October. Or even November, for that matter.

The seventh is just too soon.

Each weekend I’ve been traveling for one thing or the other. I’d like a couple weekends to just sit and relax.

But, if it’s only that weekend, I’ll see what I can do. If it’s for a later date, then I’ll be able to do more to make sure I can come.

Four responses… how sad.

Who else is around that might want to come but hasn’t responded here?

Ginger wanders in, see that this isn’t a family reunion thread, wanders off…

I’m allergic to mornings.

Where are you? Somewhere north of the Cities, I think I remember, but where?

Let’s see…Spider Woman and Imthjckaz, that’s two…

I’ll count lno and Ethilrist as 1/2 each…

CNote is another 1/2…

Ginger’s a no…

boscibo’s a wuss :wink:

The Punkyova, I’m just north of St. Cloud - it takes about an hour and 15 minutes to get to the airport from here if my mother’s driving and about an hour if I’m driving, if that’s any help.

Hope y’all can make it…I’m not sure how much leftover chili I want my grandfather to eat :eek:

I’ll be there.

If the rest don’t show, that just means more beer for me.

Beer and chili, they’re gonna love me at work on Monday.


[sub]Looks like Spider Woman’s driving home[/sub]

It’s a damn shame I won’t be there to see them lose :smiley:

Y’all have a bowl of chili for me, please. I’ll be there in spirit.


I can’t make it. I live nowhere near MN. I just wanted to pop in to say ‘hi’ to chique. Hi, chique. :slight_smile:

Oh, and to ask exactly what kind of ‘accessories’ one needs for a Vikings game…

Well, an absolute necessity these days is large supply of airline regulation barf bags. The egos run amok on that team will make you vomit the finest of ales. It’s that gut wrenchingly sickening.

Outside of that, you need a lot of booze to get over the heartbreak of yet another inevitable loss at the hands of weaker teams.

It’s kind of a catch-22. You end up doing all of it and not really feeling any better after any of it.
Sorry guys and gals, I’ve had it with this team. I want some changes and I want them now. Actually, I wanted them a few years ago, but despite Denny, they kept winning when they shouldn’t have.

These things always seem to occur when I have my son for the weekend. That makes it difficult for me to attend.


Maybe I’ll have to wait until another fest occurs in the Twin Cities.

How kink-ayy.

I have faith they will pull together and make something of this season yet. They certainly have the talent to do so. I think they’re still a little shook up from Korey Stringer’s death.

Go Vikes!

::Waves at Anamorphic::

CNote: No whining allowed - unless I do, of course :wink: You’re going to come up and drink beer and have fun, whether you like it or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Rysdad: Please bring your son, and I mean it. The game starts at noon so you can easily have Ry back to the Cities by 5. He’ll have a good time, I think, esp. if Imthjckaz can bring his son. Plus he’ll get to see real live cows. Plus grampa and I both like other people’s kids. Plus there’s a dog and some cats and some calves and a whole bunch of space for him to run if he gets bored. Think about it, ok?

Boscibo? You’re still a wuss :smiley: But let’s see what we can do about an afternoon game after I return from my trip, eh? :slight_smile:

I smell a new thread!

You’re kidding me, right Boscibo?

Did it seem to you that Carter and Moss were overcome by grief and sorrow at the loss of Stringer when then ‘chatted’ away with Culpepper on the sideline at Chicago?

It sure didn’t seem that way to me. They seemed like they were only interested in themselves. In fact, it seemed to me like they were yelling at a player from a coach standpoint. Those egos— boy!!

I want them to loss like nobodies business. Then maybe we can make some changes around there and actually have a team I’d like to stand behind and cheer.

Right now, I feel ill when I condone those guys.

But the problem with them losing right now is that others will blame it on a) Stringers death, and b) The WTC tragedy.

That’s how it always is. Blame it on everyone but themselves. BOY!!!

O.k… I’ll calm down. And if I make it up for the game, I’ll keep my opinions to myself. I certainly won’t go after those cheering the game and get in their faces pointing at them and yelling away and… I’ll be fine. Promise.

But, is it settled that it’s the seventh? Or is that open for change?

Actually, make that, “I smell two new threads!”

::Cue NIN::
He he he -smell- He he he

::Drops some Valium in CNote’s beer::

Yup, this is for real this time…I’ve even emailed the relly’s and told them to stay away :wink:

Anyhoo, am going to bump this thread a couple of times in the next few days and mail out directions and etc. this time next week.

I’m there. Rysdad, you’re there too. You still have to show me the double-secret Minnesota clique handshake.