I noticed that in the Worst Female thread two women I have the hots for came up. So now I’m wondering, I can’t possibly be the only one. I made the title A$$holes I’d… so that the women can share theirs. So here are my unpopular crushes.

Nancy Grace – I find this woman incredibly hot, and I think it because of the exact things that turn people off. That and she has a black girl booty.

Michelle Bachman – I love that combination of pale eyes and dark hair. The slighty unhinged look works for me.

Comment on mine or share yours

I fantasize about anal sex with Kirsten Dunst.
Not any more, but I remember thinking about sex with my ex, who was a jerk, but she was a good time in bed. I got over it

There’s a few but I stopped reading that thread because it just started to seem distasteful to me, so I don’t know who all is on the list now.
I’ve had a thing for Janeane Garofalo for many years. I also think Sarah Silverman is super cute.

Have you read this? It’s about someone having an experience (with Ann Coulter) much as you describe.

Thanks for the link, that was hilarious.