Ain't that a shame - Pat Boone on evolution

The Master speaks. Fallacies and straw men abound.

I used to think Pat would chiefly be remembered for emasculating and bowdlerizing good blues/rock songs. It looks like he’s trying to replace that legacy with one of Fundamentalist Dolt.

"Did his IQ leak out his ears? " Apparently so. :dubious:

It’s kind of amazing in a way to see creationism articulated *even more superficially * than it is by professional creationist outlets like ICR. Evidently this article’s the first in a series; I hope Pat is able to maintain the level of ironclad rhetoric that he demonstrates with the potato chip analogy.

Honestly, it’s probably a good thing Pat’s on the side of creationism, because I hate to imagine him trying to defend evolution.

The ads on WorldNetDaily are like a slideshow of my uncle’s mind, except with less profanity.

I love how they have a picture of him when he’s about 30 years old. He’s about 130 now.

Poor Pat. I will have forgotten his legacy as a mediocre crooner of inconsequential pablum. His new legacy is creationist fucktard who can’t properly regurgitate antiscientific babble. He’s old though. Looking back I guess Terrifel said the same thing.

Wasn’t his daughter sort of hot about 30 years ago?

I’ve despised him ever since I heard him (try to) sing Hearts of Stone back in the 1950s. I think his daughter had a hit with You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings although that might have been the refrain and not the actual title.

You might be thinking of “You Light Up My Life”

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He’s 72, but what’s 58 years between friends?

But he seemed ultraconservative to me back in the 50s, and he’s obviously still ultrtaconservative, so I’m not sure that this makes him much more ridiculous.

His album of covers of heavy metal went lead.

Wait, wait, Pat Boone went heavy metal about ten years ago. He’s still cool! He was freakin’ out the establishment, man! :smiley:

“No More Mr. Nice Guy”
The creationist crap he’s giving out - well, no surprise there. But he messed up some of the best heavy metal tracks around - now *that’s * offensive! :smiley:

Edited to add:
I just bothered to read the caption under his mug shot on the site - he has no plans to quit performing! Skreeeech! :eek:

This quote, referring to scientists, is deliciously ironic:

“If humans want to prove some theory, no matter how farfetched and self-serving, they will inevitably find some ‘evidence’ that they can wedge into their theory.”

Can he really not see how that applies even more appropriately to people of his own ilk?


Pretty sad, his claim that evolutionists start out with a preconceived notion and then cherry-pick evidence to support it. Because almighty God knows, creationists never do that.

You beat me to it, h.sapiens. Fundie creationists are really accomplished at projection.

There’s a case of the rice calling the snow white.

(This is Pat Boone - pots and kettles just don’t work as a metaphor.)


Goddammit, Pat Boone is too inconsequential to be Pitted!

Initial forum selection actually was a tossup between IMHO and MPSIMS.

I believe you are thinking of Bette Midler, which is unfortunate in its own right.

It still has never been proved to my satisfaction that Pat Boone and Dick Clark are not the same person.

Dick Clark deserves a pat on the back. Pat Boone is a dick.

Clearer now?

Whenever I think of Pat Boone, the first thing that comes to mind is his “dick in a box” picture that was going around the tubes of the internets a while back.

Never let a picture of yourself with your dick in a box be taken.

How could anyone ook at the fossil record and say this?

Well, it’s obvious. That person did not, in fact, look at the fossil record. There are dozens and dozens of “intermediate” species in the fossil record. Hell, the human lineage is one of the best examples out there.

“Apes have always been apes” is an absurd statement on the face of it. An ape is whatever we define it to be. Many of the extinct species that we call “apes” would not look much like an ape to anyone alive today. We put them in that category because they fit there by some definition, not because they are obviously in that category instead of being in the category we call “monkey”.

Absolutely; getting old and senile is terrible; some days I can barely remember my name.