Al Qaeda to attack this month? (So they say.)

I suppose this is the first victim?


I haven’t heard anything specific, myself, but I doubt it: Al Qaeda has enough problems keeping itself alive to think about hitting us again. Someone else, someone else with a beef with us who perhaps sympathizes with Al Qaeda, but not Al Qaeda itself.

(Besides, I’d worry about September 11, 2002. Anniversaries seem to be important to the terrorist mind.)


The OP was about this article at a website sympathetic to al Qaeda.

The online version of Ash Sharq al-Awsat appears to be down. (It’s in Arabic anyway, but it would be nice if an arabic-literate Doper would be able to get a bit closer to the horse’s mouth.)

The eaten OP was basically a “whaddya think of this?” sorta thing.

It worries me slightly more than Rumsfield’s “BE VERY AFRAID! Because we’re still under attack!” warnings, although I can’t say exactly why.

Haven’t there been dozens of warnings just like that too?