Osama bin Laden

So you got a big laugh out of September 11 did you. Especially the part about some your boys not realizing this was gonna be a suicide mission.

I hope they play this tape over and over on the Arab news networks.

See http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/12-11-2001-8573.asp

(Is this for real?)

Look at the date at the bottom. 12/11/2001. Still in Bush’s “dead or alive” phase. He would have said something.

We have changed phases since then haven’t we?
Or maybe returned to the pre-9/11 phase:
Al-Qaida regrouping, on the march

Have you guys heard about this dude Hitler? What an asshole!

Ya, but just above that was “copyright 2006”.

I’ve never once heard about a particular tape where bin Laden admits that not all the hijackers knew they were gonna die.

Sorry everyone for wasting your time. :o

Actually, I recall hearing rumors to that effect, that several of the hijackers hadn’t got the “Dear Martyr” memo.

Guys, that video made the rounds a LONG time ago. It’s Osama in a cave, surrounded by a few flacks, right? I’m surprised none of you saw it. It was aired on CNN repeatedly.

Speaking of hijackers…I mean, welcome back to this place. You’ve been missed, or mis-placed, not sure which yet. :slight_smile:

Does he always live in the cave? if not, how can it be so hard to find him? Do we not have satellites?

Satellites showing what? A guy in a robe walking around the mountains of Afghanistan?

I don’t know if that’ll narrow it down much.

I seem to recall he has some kidney trouble, or something that requires medical equipment, anyway. That might limit his movement.

He might be headed for some caves in, where was it, Bora Bora or something like that? Never mind, a company of Marines will get him any day now and bring him here for trial.

Back in the 1960s, he was at the Marianas Trench, but only for 20 minutes.

Bush thinks about bin Laden every day sometimes.

Friend Bricker is not guilty. Or, at least, not indictable. Much the same thing, in some circles.

I myself have crossed words with him, and presented arguments of such utter clarity and irrefutable fact that I fairly expected him to fling himself at my feet in abject renunciation of his error. In which I have been disappointed.

But in this instance, error was made and error admitted. Nolo contendere and * stark staring decisis*, go, and sin no more. The bar is open.

Hoo, doggies, did I screw the pooch on that one! Clearly, that post is for another thread entire. Oopsy!

Bricker, bin Laden.
bin Laden, Bricker.
Both B words. It’s a natural mistake anyone could make.
In fact, I believe the original title of the infamous August 6 PDB was “Bricker Determined to Attack Inside the United States.”

What the hell. Long as 'luci’s back, that’s the important thing.

How soon we forget. When this tape was released it was shown almost nonstop on the all the news networks.

Doesn’t matter; the Bush Administration closed the intelligence unit tasked to find Osama anyway, so he could moon the satellites for all anyone cares.