Al-Qaida says: We'll worship the Tardis if we have to!

Newsflash! Osama says: Islam is such a freaky, SF religion! We dig monoliths of all kinds. If it’s from out-of-space we’ll worship it. Cubes, rectangles, hexagons…we aren’t all that discriminating. So go ahead infidels…I don’t care. I’ll take the blame. I’ll do a bridge and you do the cube…it’s ok with me.

Is there a link, G.Nome?

Like there used to be between your brain hemispheres, right?

Although it should be outer space, I suppose. I’ll give you that.

G. Nome, pardon me, sir, but what the fuck are you talking about?

Thats what I want to know. For a moment I thought that maybe it was just me.

G. Nome sometimes post things that only make sense to her. There’s always a logical thread but she doesn’t usually feel like sharing it, and doesn’t like it when people try to get her to explain in a less cryptic way. Flame wars periodically erupt against her because she’ll say something like this and respond to questions with more posts that only make sense to her.


oh…now I get it.

Has anyone seen my Crazy Talk to English dictionary? It was right here a moment ago.

I think what G. Nome is referring to is that the thing that the Hijj is made to is a meteor which is a cube IIRC. I could be totally wrong but I think that might be it.

Looks like The Tim has provided the key to the code. Sheesh! Okay. So G.Nome’s OP was more mundane than rant? Why not try MPSIMS, G.Nome?

As opposed to the more logical religions of say, oh, Christianity (which I believe in) where people rise from the dead, make water into wine, and do tricks with loaves and fish like some weird Vegas magician…

“And now ladies and gentleman, if you see, I have one ordinary fish. And now…”

::hand flouirsh::

“I have two fish! Thank you, thank you. Don’t forget to tip your waitress. It’s good for the soul.”

Religious beliefs is not the place to look for logic.

He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy.

Hey, hey, hey, you people, I get it, and I think it’s a hoot! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Excellent work, G.Nome. :smiley:

Key word for the Clueless Ones: Dr. Who.

Does that help?

Tom Baker rocks. :smiley:

Old news! It’s been years since Louis Farrakhan revealed that he literally went up in a spaceship and had a chat with Elijah Muhammed long after the rest of us infidels thought Elijah Muhammed was dead! See, the Muslims aren’t rational and scientific like we are!

Hey, I had to go look that up. You’re not kidding, he really did say that, but I would like to point out that the Nation of Islam isn’t the same thing as “Islam”.

Bowing to a chunk of meteor seems pretty tame by comparison.

And here all this time I’ve thought man’s only hope for salvation, slim at best, was through suffering and error! (whacks head as if in old V-8 commercial; “I could’a had a Kaaba!”)

BTW - after I’d learned of OBL’s al Qaida, and that its literal transation means “the List,” I’ve been saying things like “hey - we’re out of mayonaise - better put it on the grocery Qaida.” Anyone else out there been doing this?

Thank you Duck Duck Goose Goose, very much. Maybe if I’d given it more thought, taken more time over it, I could have avoided some criticism. You’d have to say though, that for this thread oblique is good, oblique is semi-intentional. Opening mail is easier with oblique.

That link to the Tardis was very useful. Here is another:^bah-002.html

Sure. The Al Ka^bah and the Tardis are the same, that’s the link. They’re both rectangular, aren’t they?

For oblique, read obscure. Topped off with snippy, G.Nome. Excuse me (at the risk of another insult) – but what has a meteorite got to do with SF, exactly?